Scuba Diving In Key West With The Sharks

One of the most popular places for scuba diving in the US is Key West located right off the coast of Southern Florida. It is a warm water paradise that offers divers a fantastic world to explore. Divers from beginners to the experts come to Key West from all over the world. It offers some of the best diving experiences available.

Unique Experience

Scuba diving in Key West is not just another scuba diving location. It is a prime area with quality diving for all. It is a diving experience for those who are seeking more than an average diving experience. It is for those divers who enjoy, mystery, and more daring on their diving expeditions.

The diving in the key west is not your average experience, it is varied and provides something extra for every diver

Key West is known for its sharks. The experience of swimming in an area known for its sharks is not for everyone. All types of sharks have been seen including the well-known man-eater, the great white, which was made famous in the Jaws movies.

Some diving trips offer the chance to be submerged with the sharks inside a protective metal cage. Other options allow actual swimming with the sharks which wearing chain mail suit similar to king Arthur’s knights of the round table wore in battle.

As well as active sea and marine life in the area, it also offers the chance to esplore a lot of famous and fantastic ship wrecks. One of the most popular wrecks is a US Airforce missile tracking ship, this unique ship has three thirty 40 foot radar dishes, two dome-like tracking structures, rocket launchers, and a complete weather station.

The US Airforce ship was decommissioned it in 1983. It is commonly visited place by divers seeking more thrills than a normal dive trip.

Scuba Diving in Key West, Florida is a fun, and great place to in the world because of the warm waters, unique marine life, and interesting ship wrecks.

It is a diver?s paradise for thrills and adventure. So if you enjoy a challenge and a new view of the world, than you should be packing to head to the warm friendly waters of key west, keeping in mind that the sharks were there before you, so let them do there thing 😉

How to Enjoy Whitsunday Islands’ Sailing and Scuba Diving Better

Australia is a continent popular for its moniker -The Land Down Under-. In recent years, the country became a host to the summer Olympics back in 2000, with Ian Thorpe as one of its top swimming champions. This event further bolstered Australia’s emergence as a top destination for a variety of water activities soon after.

One of the prime spots for sailing and scuba diving in the country is Whitsunday Islands. The islands boast of clear waters, steady winds and white sand beaches that proves attractive. Often, people come to the islands via boat tours and end up staying over to enjoy the island’s offerings.

Due to the area’s popularity, prices for staying on Whitsunday increased over time. The Australian government now uses part of the revenues aimed at tour guidelines and conservation efforts. So if you’re planning to visit Whitsunday, try the following guides for a better Whitsunday experience.

Read more about sailing and scuba diving

Reading can help you understand the required procedures for scuba diving or sailing Whitsunday islands. This can also help you better appreciate guidelines for safety and emergencies once you’re doing the activities. Through reading, you can contribute more to Whitsunday’s preservation, rather than its destruction.

Research on the travel packages, rental companies and hotels

Making a comprehensive research on scuba diving or sailing Whitsundays can result in more value for your money. For instance, research can yield the best rental companies for diving and sailing equipment at the most affordable prices available. Another good result of research is getting the best possible hotel rates. Through research, you may even get a beachfront hotel, so you can enjoy the scenery better.

Save up for the trip to the islands

While you can use your credit card to sail or scuba dive Whitsundays, paying your way through cash is still better because it would not leave you in debt. If you plan a trip to Whitsunday within four months, curb your spending now. You can cut down expenses by using public transport instead of driving, spending less night outs, and eating home cooked meals. Doing these actions may even help you gain extra money you can use on your trip.

Sunset House Grand Cayman Launches Scuba Diving Package For Single Scuba Divers

One of the disadvantages of travelling solo is that you are often forced to pay expensive singles supplements when staying at hotels and resorts.

But no more, at least at one very special Grand Cayman resort. Sunset House in the Cayman Islands has launched a brand new package for solo divers planning scuba diving holidays in the New Year, which will save them money and will entice more individual diving enthusiasts travelling alone to go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.

The test package is available for a limited time only and will be offered during the first quarter of 2012. Single divers will be able to stay in Courtyard Rooms at the popular diving resort.

Solo divers will be able to book scuba diving holidays in the Cayman Islands with the Sunset House for travel between 4th January and 14th April, 2012 and a seven-night stay costs $1568.80 (originally $2,077). The package includes ground transfers to and from the airport, daily breakfast, welcome gifts and cocktail, unlimited complimentary shore diving, and two daily tank boat dives.

Sunset House is a fantastic place to go scuba diving in the Cayman Islands and its prime beachfront location on Grand Cayman Island enables divers to access the beautiful depths of the ocean in just a few steps. The resort has recently undergone $250,000 of renovations and facilities include the SeaHarvest Restaurant, My Bar, and a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

The scuba diving resort commissioned Simon Morris to create a nine-foot-tall bronze statue of a mermaid – Amphitrite, Siren of Sunset Reef. The statue was submerged 50 feet beneath the surface of the ocean in waters just off the shores of Sunset House in 2004 and it is now a popular attraction for divers.

The resort also sank an old naval landing craft, LCM David Nicholson, in 60 feet of water near the resort and it is a highlight for wreck diving enthusiasts.

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory situated in the west Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and is made up of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

The collection of islands make for one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean due to the surrounding crystal-clear, turquoise ocean waters that are teeming with spectacular marine creatures such as manta rays, sea turtles, stingrays, tropical fish, and colourful coral gardens and reefs.

Earlier this year, the former United Sates Navy submarine, USS Kittiwake, was submerged in the waters off Grand Cayman to create an artificial reef and it is already proving to be a success with scuba divers.

Six Essential Scuba Equipment Needed For Proper Diving

There are different types of scuba gears that are required for proper diving. A few of them come in the list of essential equipment that are must for the sport. These gears ensure maximum protection of a diver and help in proper diving. Among the array of equipment, there are six of them that are essential for this activity. These six essential equipment assist the diver in underwater navigation, proper breathing and in-water stabilization. This article aims at briefing you up on these equipment so that you can have a fair idea about their functionalities and can comprehend their significance. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Buoyancy Compensator

Also known as buoyancy control device, this essential scuba equipment is exclusively designed for in-water stabilization. It allows divers to add or vent air from a bladder so as to adjust and maintain neutral buoyancy both under the water and on the surface. With the help of this device, divers can float and hover at their will. There are three states of buoyancy at different stages of diving that can be established by a diver:

– Positive buoyancy to ascend or float to the surface.

– Neutral buoyancy when a diver wants to be at constant depth with minimum efforts.

– Negative buoyancy to descend or hold at the seabed.

Over the years since its inception, there have been several designs. Today, they are available in two designs stab jackets and as wings or harness. The jackets combine the harness and bladder into a single, compact unit, whereas the wings designs sandwich the bladder between the harness and the tank. However, both of them have the following features in common:

– A power inflator for transporting gas from the tanks to the bladders

– A vent valve for allowing gas to be released in a controlled way from the bladder to the device.

– A backplate for supporting cylinders.

– A harness that is worn by the divers with straps over the shoulders and around the strap.

Scuba Tank

This essential diving equipment is like life-support system because it provides the breathing gas to the divers. It stores and transports the gas to the diver via the demand valve of regulators. Also coined as the diving cylinders, the scuba tanks are made up aluminium or steel alloys. The internal volume of the cylinders ranges between 3 and 18 litres and the maximum pressure ranges between 200 to 300 bars.

A diving cylinder consists of the following parts:

– A pressure vessel to hold the gas that is normally made up of cold-extruded aluminium.

– A cylinder valve for controlling the gas flow to and from the pressure vessel.

– Cylinder bands that are used to hold two cylinders together.

Dive Computers

Dive computers are the next in the line of essential equipment for scuba diving. A dive computer is a miniature form of dashboard that helps you in monitoring the present status of the rest of your scuba gears. This device is chiefly used by the divers for measuring the time and depth of a dive. It helps in calculating and displaying a safe ascent profile. With the help of dive computers, the divers can avoid decompression sickness. Based on the actual depth and time profile of a diver, a dive computer is able to perform a continuous calculation of the partial pressure of the gases in the body. Many divers prefer to carry it rather than having a separate dive watch or depth gauge. Nowadays, there are dive computers who can even provide additional information on air and water temperature and the pressure of the remaining gas in the scuba tanks.

Scuba Regulators

Also called as diving regulator, a scuba regulator reduces the pressurized gas to ambient pressure and then, passes the gas to the diver. The gas is either supplied from a cylinder or through a hose from a compressor of cylinders. The scuba regulators pass the gas only when a diver inhales, that is, on demand, and when the diver exhales, it directs the breath to the water.

The modern diving regulators work through the following two stages:

– The first stage attaches the regulators to the tank valve. This stage reduces the pressure of the cylinder to an immediate pressure.
– The second stage further reduces the immediate pressure to the exact pressure that is required by the diver to breather comfortably.

Apart from the above two stages, the regulators also function via alternate second stage, low pressure hoses and SPG hoses to meet the various demands during different diving situations.

Dive Gauge

It is also known as depth gauge or pressure gauge and us used to display the equivalent depth in water. The modern depth gauges possess electronic mechanism along with digital display. They also include a timer that shows the interval of time since the time when the diver submerged into water. A depth gauge along with an oxygen sensor can be used for the measurement of partial pressure of oxygen of the breathing gas. This measurement helps the divers to avoid oxygen toxicity. Some dive gauges also show the rates of ascent and descent that can be used for avoiding barotrauma.

Scuba Octopus

The next and the last one in the list of six essential scuba equipment is the scuba octopus. A scuba octopus is nothing but a secondary or alternative second-stage demand valve on a regulator. This configuration is also known as octopus demand valve or alternate air source. It is usually yellow in color, which shows that it is a backup device for emergency. It is often clipped on with buoyancy compensator. It is especially used to offer air to a second diver during shortage of air. In another configuration, the secondary demand valve is integrated with the buoyancy compensator rather than keeping it separate.

Find Out About Diving Qualifications Requirements

It is all as a result of reputation associated with expert going universities which have rendered the game regarding diving more interesting and loved by the experience buffs. The faculties supply training on the folks as well as the actual records.

Coast major resorts etc universities are recognized to perform a tremendous function inside the scuba diving activities to permit the individual’s explore underwater crops, creatures along with reefs along with shipwrecks. The reality is the first is not essential to possess just about any experience with regard to deep-sea diving training, yet it’s additionally true that the prerequisites exist which can be regarded as when it is regarding the accreditation process.

Finding a standard qualification is often a thorough method that is composed of normal water and also land education. Numerous plans is there such as save snorkeling, innovative applications plus more which in the event that gotten by the person; he is able to be given a standard diving credit card. Doing some of the programs around using the training educational institutions implies a single have completed a course which can be accredited by simply identified diving education packages that happen to be then the actual diving colleges.

Similar requirements with expert diving coaching educational institutions are inclined to become discussed beneath in this article. Browse the items.


The very first requirement may be the all scuba divers should be Decade outdated to enroll in the going course. PADI is proven to look at the chronological age of the individual the absolute minimum of13 years. These requirements may vary from with other training educational institutions, with respect to the courses they offer and also qualification prerequisite requirements to follow.

Coaching upon property

Selected group of learning modules exist which must be performed by the opportunity technical scuba divers. And such segments also entail you to definitely get appropriate understanding of precisely how products operates when strain affects one’s body to be able to preparing delves. Skills, rules and techniques can also be verified under PADI directions ahead of certifying anybody being a diver.


The actual scuba dive classes include controlled water delves so that you can train one distinct risk-free snorkeling tactics. Your educating also includes breathing in along with relocating open up normal water, private pools, getting into and escaping water, curbing buoyancy plus removing normal water from your mask properly. PADI jump is seen to use a specific plan of dives in a pool. Soon after close to 5 delves, the students are requested as well as permitted to move to available.

Hence, right after rewarding these specifications, the particular scuba lovers obtain certificates according to his or her training along with levels of skill.

Safe Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be a fun and healthy recreational activity as long as you are aware of the risks and take the proper precautions. People often shy away from this sport after hearing scary statistics but in reality you’re more than three times as likely to die swimming as you are scuba diving. The first and seemingly obvious but often overlooked step is to get a complete physical and make sure you are in good physical shape before going diving. To scuba dive, you need to have a strong heart; most scuba diving related fatalities are cardiac problems After getting the doctor’s okay to go diving, make sure to go to a proper facility to get trained and SCUBA certified. These classes can last a short period or a couple of weeks but you should never go diving until you feel completely comfortable in the water. Before going on a dive, check to see all your equipment is functioning properly and get a good understanding of the layout of the area. Be aware of where any reefs or shipwrecks are in the area. If the area you are diving in is known to have an abundance of kelp, you may want to carry a knife to cut yourself or a fellow diver free. Never consume alcohol or drugs before scuba diving – your judgment needs to be at its sharpest when diving in case anything unexpected comes up. For safety reasons, you never want to dive alone. It may be the best idea to find a more experienced scuba diver to go with if you yourself don’t have a lot of diving experience. Plan to start out with short dives as a beginner and gradually build up to longer and deeper dives. You never want to overtire yourself. Diving while exhausted or feeling ill is asking for trouble because your body is not in good shape and your mind is not alert enough to deal with problems that arise during the dive. The biggest and potentially deadly mistake amateur divers can make is ascending rapidly when something goes wrong or they are under the impression there is danger. This can cause intense pain or possibly death. As long as you have air, you want to ascend at a steady but slow rate to the surface. Always have a number to call for emergency diver services if you need help upon reaching the surface; it’s best to not have to scramble around looking for the number once an emergency arises.

Daniel Blinman is writing on behalf of Scubaskool, who offer diving holidays and diving internships

Go Scuba Diving, Go Australia

Going for adventure cruising Australia is something great and it can be taken as an assurance that one can never return disappointed. There is a lot to do in Australia; let it be cruising, adventure water sports or the most fascinating diving Australia and by that I mean scuba diving into the most famous reefs of Australia. There are a lot of cruises Australia. That is pretty obvious also as this small continent locates near the South Pole is surrounded completely by ocean and does justice to the eternal satisfaction of the cruisers. A great view is what is always in demand and cruising Australia will provide you with the same.

Adventure cruising Australia:

There are many companies who offer cruises to the tourists and the inhabitants invariably. But, cruises Australia are not just about great views and motor rides there is a whole lot of ocean beauty and the aquatic world to experience. These adventure cruises takes the touring group around the entire Australian coastline so that they can experience the joy of the vastness that lies all around them. While cruising the passengers not just enjoy the view but also gets to taste various topical delicacies and delicious food.

When it comes to the adventure part of it, you name it and you will get it. Go for scenic walks, fishing, snorkelling, diving and experience being into the marine wild for some time and the entire philosophy of your life might change. You will fall in love with life once again once you have experienced the Scuba diving Australia.

Experience the diversity of marine life; plunge into the Great Barrier Reef

Take a plunge into the Great Barrier Reef and get to experience a view you must have never ever witnessed before. It is simply mesmerizing and you feel elates as a person only by taking a look at the vastness of sea life. The beauty the life thrives in and their own food chains and defence mechanisms. Its all about different life present under water, far from your reach and imagination. The colour this Great Barrier Reef would make you experience would leave you in ecstasy for a lifetime. In fact, the jump off point for scuba diving is actually The Great Barrier Reef located in Queensland.

To get a real lifelike experience, one can also take courses and trainings in scuba diving. Further away from the Northern reefs is the very popular Ribbon Reef System, which is a strong stretch of around 10 coral reefs that surrounds approximately 100 miles to the North if Cairns, a town in Queensland. Here, at the top of this great site is the Cod Hole. This is one of the remarkable sites of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is in fact, one of the legendary sites to visit in Australia because of its diving experiences.

What you will take along with you would be experiences, knowledge, perhaps a new perspective and a great time that was filled with joy and entertainment.

Deep-sea Diving With Quotes Is Usually A Wonderful Practical Knowledge

The vast majority of entire world is usually beneath mineral water, and it also generally makes a stress to help examine the earth beneath the soil. Mainly because we all believe we now have a variety of most beloved destinations connected with happiness disguised. By perception because of the mineral water, researching the stream is provided with some sort of ray connected with trust. The person who encountered this wonder connected with deep-sea diving trips with Quotes, many people bought the fresh splendor beneath the lake and this can be mentioned as outstanding, to mention the very least. All people who have some sort of appreciate intended for underwater earth should likewise contemplate acquiring deep-sea diving with Quotes previous to going to help another state intended for paying trips.
Quotes covers an incredible range of leap destinations, live-aboard scuba diving vacation cruises australia, hugely facilitated Broome reef fishing charters in addition to holiday packages. Furthermore, it covers this superb Good Filter Reef Earth Historical past spot. Quotes will undoubtedly be the most beneficial and the majority assorted in addition to deep-sea diving web-sites on this planet. There may be accessibility to a variety of leap merchants of which facilitates with giving expertise in addition to practical knowledge to help all people. There may be fun connected with excellent scuba diving from the Hawaiian rich waters on the shore connected with European Quotes.
There may be breathtaking scuba diving Australia practical knowledge you can delight in from the colder rich waters connected with Tasmania. Intended for addicts connected with risky scuba diving, there may be Barolos Hawaiian islands within the shore connected with European Australian next to Geraldton. The item ranges by individual to individual what exactly he / she like by far the most with big Australian beaches. The great thing with this hobby is usually of which it not involve almost any certification and you just should carry the tools on hand. Typically these employees provide scuba diving tools having vacation cruise offer.
Deep-sea diving Quotes delivers a good amount of prospects have fun with this amazing earth connected with seas in addition to waters. It is additionally a method to delight in spouse and children things to do in concert. Little ones will likely be interested by deep-sea diving easily and in addition they generally adore to head out like sites where by there may be potential for enjoying deep-sea diving.
In case you have thought out to search at this time there many you want to do is usually acquire the unit in addition to talk with a variety of deep-sea diving corporations that supply to produce offer to help Quotes. Picking out that getaway is usually option of any life-time therefore you also come in this family of this technical scuba diving scuba of which relishes any time with Quotes. Apart from the different encouraged We offers you Australian cruises, Diving Australia sites with Quotes, you will discover lot more regions with which you may complete the analysis. Refining their plans vacation in Quotes carry a few other gains seeing that there are numerous justly famed extravagance rooms readily available. Marketing and advertising to get a finish offer the way it delivers many gadgets you suv delight in over the family vacation.
Deep-sea diving Quotes is usually a probability of life-time and it’s good to help apply for that option each time the item happens. As soon as planning for just one, ignore every little thing in addition to recall solely this transform in addition to enthusiasm so it delivers.

How To Maintain A Scuba Diving Wetsuit

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Ten Tips For Keeping The Scuba Wetsuit In Good Working Condition

Read more at Suite101: How To Maintain A Scuba Diving Wetsuit: Ten Tips For Keeping The Scuba Wetsuit In Good Working Condition.

Keeping scuba diving wetsuits manufacturer equipment in good operating condition is vital for safe and enjoyable diving. A scuba diving wetsuit needs to be well maintained.

A good wetsuit is a vital piece of scuba diving equipment, especially in the colder waters of the world. But even the lucky divers who send the majority of their time in the warm tropical waters, such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, still need a wetsuit of some kind, if only for protection from the tropical sun or marine stingers.

A scuba wetsuit can be ruined if not cared for properly. The following are ten tips that can help ensure a scuba diving wetsuit manufacturer will provide many years of faithful diving service.

1) Always rinse the wetsuit in fresh water after use. This ensures no salt crystals form that can cut into the fabric of the suit. The seams are usually the first to go and the suit will eventually just fall apart.

2) Dry the suit after rinsing, hanging in the shade. The ultraviolet of the sun’s rays can damage the suit.

3) The diving wetsuit must be dry before being put away for storage. Store the suit hanging up or laid out flat. Ensure the neoprene is not kinked or folded. If it is just stuffed in a gear bag, the neoprene will set in that position.

4) Keep the zippers and Velcro fasteners free of sand or dirt.

5) Lubricate the zippers occasionally with silicon grease or petroleum jelly.

6) While diving, use good buoyancy control to prevent the diving wetsuit manufacturer from scaping on coral or hard rocks. This not only damages the suit but also the marine environment.

7) Inspect the suit regularly for any damage. Cuts, tears or fraying stitching should be repaired immediately.

8) Use a suit that fits correctly. Too loose and it will not provide warmth. Too tight it could cause a suit squeeze, and be damaged from being overstretched. The diving wetsuit must be rated suit for the diving conditions. A thick wetsuit in warm conditions could lead to overheating, especially when waiting to get in the water. A thin wetsuit in cold water diving could lead to hypothermia.

9) Take care putting on a wetsuit. Use a Lycra suit underneath to make the suit slip on easier. Plastic bags on the feet and h diving wetsuit manufacturer ands also help.

10) Use the correct weight for the suit and diving conditions. This leads to an improved diving enjoyment as there is less reliance on buoyancy control during the dive. It also provides protection of the underwater environment, the diver and the wetsuit.

The service that a wetsuit gives the diver is dependent on the service that the diving wetsuit gets.

Disabled Scuba-diving Instructor Imparts Two-day Diving Courses In Dubai

Fraser Bathgate, the first physically-challenged man to have qualified as a scuba diving instructor, just began imparting lessons in the Disabled Dive Instructor course. This two-day course for instructors who wish to teach those with physical incapacities will be held at the Pavilion Dive Centre at the Jeremiah Beach Hotel in Dubai, one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

Mr. Bathgate became paralysed from the waist down after a horrible rock-climbing accident. Confined to a wheelchair, he still wished to pursue his dream of adventure, but this time he had his heart set on scuba diving. In 1992, despite his doctors complaints, he sought a medical waiver to begin underwater training. The submarine experience was to him like beginning a new life. I was able to do so much more underwater than I could do on land, he said It was the most amazing thing to be given freedom again and not being confined to the restrictions of a wheelchair.

As a 49-year-old disabled diving instructor, his merits have not gone by unnoticed. This Scottish legend has already received the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) lifetime achievement award, and he will soon be honoured with the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association at a ceremony in Florida next month.

Even after the tragic rock-climbing accident, at the age of 23, Mr. Bathgate, who used to be a rock-climbing instructor, never lost his taste for thrills. His great tenacity and spirit drove him to a new purpose, where he crossed lines no one ever had before. After training for two years, and falling in love with this practice on scuba diving holidays, he qualified as the very first disabled instructor in history. Mr. Bathgate always thanks Paul and Sarah Algate of Scuba International in Dubai, which were the first to hire him as an instructor.

Mr. Bathgate faced many physical and psychological challenges throughout his career, his first students were sceptical when they saw him and doubted his capacity as an instructor. It used to be very funny to watch the reactions of people, he recalled In the classroom, you could see their faces. How the hell is he going to teach me anything. Their mindset changed once we got into the water.

Fraser Bathgate lived in Dubai during the 1990s. For a disabled person in a wheelchair it was a difficult city. When I lived here if there was a ramp at a hotel it was for the luggage porter, not for a wheelchair, he says On Faheidi Street, people used to stop and stare because there were no other people in wheelchairs. I became vey self-conscious of where I went. However, Dubai also brought Mr. Bathgate some very wonderful experiences. Shark Island, Martini Rock and Anemone Gardens, some of the most beautiful spots for scuba diving in Dubai, were relatively unspoilt, and held the most exceptional variety of coral reefs and fish, sharks and turtles.

He left Dubai in 1995, and travelled all over Europe, the Far East, Australia and the US. He has dedicated his career to ensure the well-being of people with disabilities. He is the co-founder of the Deptherapy Foundation, which introduces war veterans in the US and the UK to scuba diving, and he has also conducted motivational workshops in hospital that treat spinal injuries.

He has surveyed important sporting events and concerts like Live 8, making sure disabled people have access to them, collaborated in the modification of diving gear for physically-challenged people and even been a consultant for NASA on the design for astronauts suits.

By giving these lessons in the Pavilion Dive Centre, Mr. Bathgate wishes to give a wider range of opportunities to people with disabilities. Although there is now more awareness of the needs of disabled people in Dubai, there is more to be done; being able to enjoy scuba diving holidays brings joy and higher self-esteem to those with incapacities. The more instructors you have on the ground, the better chance of having people with disabilities in the water. he concluded.