Dive Friends Bonaire Celebrates 10,000th Padi Certification With Scuba Diving Adventures

Amber Mills, a 28-year-old accountant from the United States, was already a certified PADI Open Water diver but she wanted to open up opportunities for further scuba diving adventures so she completed the PADI Shore Diver Distinctive Specialty which is a continuing education programme ,exclusive to the dive centre.

The course allows students to plan and conduct shore dives, pick dive sites, choose entry and exit points, navigate, and solve problems underwater.

Amber received a commemorative plaque and a new Litehawk BCD and MK2/R295 regulator system, courtesy of Scubapro to celebrate the milestone.

Dive Friends Bonaire is a leading dive centre on the Caribbean island of Bonaire with facilities offering full diving and snorkelling services. The dive school has a variety of programmes and course including Open Water, Full Face Mask Diver and Shore Diver.
Classes at the dive centre have low student-to-instructor ratios so students can receive the personal attention and care that is required to safely learn everything about this wonderful sport.

Situated in the southern Caribbean 30 miles from Curacao, Bonaire is one of the Caribbeans leading scuba diving destinations. It is well known for its role in preserving the marine environment and the island is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef which provides plenty of sites for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts to explore. The entire coastline of the island has been declared as a marine sanctuary to preserve the marine species such as sea turtles, eagle rays, sea horses, whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays and hundreds of colourful tropical fish.

While scuba diving in Bonaire, divers can enjoy crystal clear, warm ocean waters and a total of 86 diving sites including 1,000 Steps and La Dania Leap.

Divers of all ages and abilities can enjoy the islands turquoise ocean waters and the island is a great place for family diving holidays, honeymoons and scuba diving adventures.

The Dutch Caribbean island has been voted as the Best Overall Dive Destination for scuba diving holidays in the Readers Choice Awards for Scuba Diving magazine for the last ten years.

European Germany`s Economic Miraculous

European Germany`s Economic Miraculous

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Diving Into The Caribbean’s Coral Science

During a boat trip with his stepfather in 1995 when he was in his early 20s, Karl Castillo, saw first-hand the effects coral bleaching had had on the magnificent Mesoamerican Barrier Reef off the coast of southern Belize.

Where there should have been healthy colourful coral gardens, instead lay bleached marine creatures which were slowly starving to death.

Determined to find out why this was happening to the worlds second largest barrier reef and popular scuba diving holidays destination, Castillo returned 15 years later with colleagues as a postdoctoral researcher from UNC Chapel Hill.

“To me, this is hugely important. I grew up living right next to the ocean and seeing not only how much I enjoyed it, but how important it is,” Castillo explained. “So I tried to dedicate my entire career to seeing if I could assess the different things we see happening to the ocean.”

The source of the coral bleaching was a mass of warm seawater which moved in from offshore, killing the algae that provides coral with its colour and vital nutrients.

By measuring the growth of coral up to 100 years old, the journal PLoS One suggests that the creatures furthest from shore are more sensitive to environmental threats than shoreside creatures.

Justin Ries, an assistant professor of marine science and co-author of the study, said: “One hundred years ago, they had one of the highest rates of extension. Now it’s the lowest. It’s not like it’s always been low and they just got hit harder.”

Castillo is hoping that these findings will help scientists understand factors such as climate change, pollution caused by fishing boats and charter boats which bring tourists on scuba diving holidays, and the distress of coral in different areas of the reef, so that conservation groups can find ways to protect it.

Castillo added: “If they find what we’re seeing is true, I think the important thing is we can make recommendations to marine protected area managers.

“They have limited resources, so they can allocate their available resources to maybe more rangers out there to minimize additional stresses on forereef coral.”

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the western hemispheres largest coral reef which stretches 1000 km from Isla Contoy on the Yucatn Peninsula down to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

The reef is a playground for professional divers and tourists taking scuba diving holidays in the Caribbean, with an array of spectacular diving sites and beautiful marine species including sea turtles, whale sharks, manatees, Morelets crocodiles, American crocodiles, Splendid Toadfish, black coral, stony coral and over 500 species of fish.

The reef features many protected areas and parks which allow limited access to tourists taking holidays for scuba diving, and both recreational and professional scuba divers, in order to allow the coral and the marine environment to replenish.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Home Swimming Pool

Many people dream of owning a home with a swimming pool. To come home on a hot day and jump straight into a pool is their idea of heaven. Pools have many advantages, but they also have disadvantages. Here is a list of both.


1. Great way to cool off without going out. 2. Provides wonderful exercise for the kids – and the adults. 3. Adds value to the home. 4. Saves mowing the lawn it displaces. 5. Is good for entertaining. 6 Swimming and water exercise is therapeutic and provides health benefits. 7. Kids pool parties are easy and fun. All the mess stays outside.


1. A swimming pool costs time and money to upkeep and maintain. The older it is, the more likely there are to be expensive repairs

needed. 2. It poses a risk of drowning for younger children who can’t swim. 3. Providing safety fencing and gate is an extra cost. 4. When selling, it may reduce the number of buyers, as some people groups do not want a pool. 5. Takes space from the yard and can overwhelm it. 6. If the winters are cold, you only get use out of it in summer, but it still needs maintenance all year round.

If you’re looking over house plans to buy land and build a new home, you should track down display homes by your favourite builder. They will give you a better idea of how the house is laid out and if planned extensions will fit the house design.

Women Divers Hall Of Fame Award $20,000 In Scuba Diving Scholarships And Grants

Like every year, the non-for-profit scuba diving organisation Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) has announced the amount of grants to be awarded to lucky recipients in 2012 and next year’s figures seem to be very generous indeed.

An estimated total of $20,000 USD in the form of training grants, scholarships and educational and financial support are to be awarded to female scuba diving enthusiasts of all ages, but more particularly to those preparing for professional roles and careers in the scuba diving industry across a varied range of scuba diving destinations worldwide.

The WDHOF organisation has just released fresh and recent information about the slate of opportunities for amateur and expert scuba divers in 2012.

For 2012, several scholarships will be awarded in the areas of marine conservation, marine biology, underwater archaeology, and journalism, graphic arts, or underwater photography. Those generous scholarships will be paid directly to the individual recipient. Training grants will provide funding for scuba diving instructors, and, for some awards, scuba diving equipment. All awarded funds are to be paid directly to the training facility and/or the equipment vendor upon WDHOFs receipt of an invoice; as these are not directly paid to the grantee.

Interested individuals with a passion for scuba diving abroad or at home or those who have been captivated by the underwater world during scuba diving holidays, can apply for the grants but they may only do so for one scholarship per year. Applicants must complete the online application form. In order to enter the scholarship grant, applicants must submit a full biography, an essay describing why they are applying for the scholarship and how they would use the scholarship to pursue their own goals. In addition to this, applicants must also submit two letters of recommendation, which are essential for the application to be considered successful. Some of the scholarships/training grants may require additional information, or are for specific purposes, so scuba hopefuls must read the criteria and application instructions carefully as incomplete or late applications will not be accepted for further consideration. The deadline for all applications is 15th November 2011.

The Women Divers Hall of Fame is dedicated to honouring worthy diving causes and raising awareness of outstanding women divers and their valuable contribution to marine life and the protection of the oceans and their living creatures. As a non-profit organisation they provide mentorship and educational tools for sustainable scuba diving adventures as well as financial support and amazing career opportunities for the scuba diving community worldwide.

Hollywood’s Josh Hutcherson Gains Scuba Diving Certification In Turks & Caicos

Hollywood actor, Josh Hutcherson, has become a certified scuba diver in preparation for his new film, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

The 19-year-old actor was forced to take the scuba diving qualification before he could start filming for his new movie where he stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens. The new film is a sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth which came out in 2008.

Hutcherson headed to the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos for his scuba diving training and a crash-course in underwater safety.

The young actor explained: “I was most anxious about the scuba diving scenes. Vanessa was already scuba certified but I got scuba certified for the movie.

“I got certified in Turks & Caicos and it was just so beautiful, going in caves and seeing schools of barracuda… If youre not certified, every time you go out you have to take a little training course so its a lot easier if you just get certified and then you can go down a lot deeper.”

The film also stars Dwayne Johnson who is renowned for his role as the professional wrestler The Rock. Johnson is playing Hutchersons stepfather in the film and he also went scuba diving in Turks and Caicos to gain his scuba diving certification.

The filming took place in Hawaii and Vanessa Hudgens spoke about her scuba diving experiences on the island of Oahu.

“The adventures I got to have in my downtime – I would take my car and drive around, go to the North Shore, hang out, check out the waves, go on a bunch of dives cause I’m certified.

“I’m such an adventurer, and I love being on the island.”

Turks and Caicos is one of the best destinations for scuba diving holidays in the Caribbean with its crystal clear turquoise waters and wide selection of diverse diving sites.

Situated in the West Indies, north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and southeast of The Bahamas, the tropical islands boast white sand beaches that are fringed with beautiful coral reefs. Divers can explore underground tunnels, caves, walls and extensive reef systems that are home to an array of magnificent marine creatures.

Diving In Thailand – Khao Lak

One of the most important factors for most people when travelling is the weather in the destination country. Getting the timing right is essential as poor weather conditions can ruin a holiday. Although weather patterns have changed recently in many countries, the basic information on what to expect and when still applies and there are plenty of sources of information to help.

When it comes to Thailand, November to February tends to be the best time to visit. Being a relatively big country means that weather conditions vary from region to region. However, during this period the weather tends to be cooler and theres less rain than during the rest of the year. Diving in Thailand is an extremely popular way to spend a holiday and peak seasons closely follow the climate.

There are only really two seasons in Southern Thailand: summer and the rainy season. To the East of the Thai Peninsula is the Gulf of Thailand, popular areas to visit being Koh Samui and Hat Yai. The best time to visit these areas is between May and October. To the West of the Thai Peninsula lies the Andaman Sea with popular areas to visit being Phuket, Krabi and Ao Nang. The best time to visit these areas is between November and April. Its recommended to avoid the monsoons that occur at other times of the year. Monsoons can be dangerous, make visiting islands very difficult and prevent diving expeditions from taking place.

Khao Lak

The Khao Lak Marine National Park has a palm fringed coastline and recently discovered reefs. In Khao Lak there is plenty of marine life and a few shipwrecks. Near Khao Lak are the Similan and Surin Islands and they are easily reached by a day trip with speed boats and liveaboards. There is also freshwater diving in Khao Sok National Park.

Most of the time day trips itineraries and schedules are designed to allow divers to select their favourite dive sites so they can visit them during the trip. With two or three dive options, divers can choose the trip which is best suitable for them. The trips usually include hotel transfers, a dive instructor, equipment, lunch and three to four dives. There are also two-day trips which usually include seven dives, hotel accommodation and meals and they are similar to mini-liveaboards.

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The World’s Top 5 Weirdest Destinations For Scuba Diving Holidays

As revealed in a recent online article published by CNN online, some of the world’s weirdest and rarest destinations for unique scuba diving adventures have been identified and summarised in a list of the top five.

For those looking for truly exotic and astonishing destinations for their next scuba diving holidays, here we reproduce the list of the Top 5 Weirdest Diving Sites in the World.

Underwater Reef Art in Mexico – if looking for a bit of culture in your next scuba diving trip to the warm and crystalline waters of Mexico’s Gulf, then the tropical beaches of Cancun are the place to find the astounding Museum of Underwater Modern Art. This amazing, man-made museum exhibiting a total of over 403 permanent life-sized sculptures anchored to the sea bed is one of the world’s biggest artificial reef collections in the world. So now you know, next time you’re planning Cancun holidays why not add to the holiday fun with some great scuba diving at one of the world’s most modern and unique underwater parks!

Underwater Cemetery in the U.S. – both spooky and fascinating at the same time, this unique scuba diving site has not been created with recreational scuba divers in mind, however anyone who wants to is free to visit the world’s first underwater cemetery. Located just over 5 kilometres off Miami’s coast in Florida, this man-made artificial reef is the resting place of people who have chosen to become part of the region’s marine ecosystem in their afterlife. The Neptune Memorial Reef is the resting home of people who chose to leave this world in a greener way by being cremated first, then having their earthly remains mixed with non-porous cement to be finally shaped into their favourite sculpture (a shell, starfish or other figurine) before being deposited in the bottom of the sea by scuba divers. An eery yet astonishing place to visit during a scuba diving trip, this underwater cemetery features a “classical recreation of the Lost City”. Once completed it is expected that this unique memorial will have the capacity to host the sculptured remains of up to 100,000 people.

Volcanic Underwater Adventure in Indonesia – for curious and adventurous people who have dreamed of getting the thrill of approaching a volcano without being burnt off, this unique scuba diving experience allows divers to get upclose to a real volcano without the threat of lava. The submerged volcano of Banua Whuhu in the island chain of Sangihe, Indonesia is a place not to be missed by authentic daredevils, giving them the opportunity to scuba dive along five metres of volcano dipped below the sea’s surface and explore the sulphur-covered rocks that give way to beautiful coral reef formations and an extraordinarily rich marine ecosystem, including schools of neon fusiliers, huge barrel sponges and black-tipped reef sharks. This amazing volcano that rises over 400 metres from the bottom of the sea floor, gives divers an eerie and mystic sensation as the roaring sounds of the active volcano create the atmosphere and the silver ribbons of sulphur gas bubbles escape from the earth’s crust (don’t touch them though, they can really burn your fingers if not careful!).

Mysterious Underwater Ruins in Japan – the mysterious depths of Yonaguni’s ruins puzzle and lure the most intrepid of divers with different hypothesis surrounding its rather marvellous existence. People still debate about the ruins found at this site and whether they belonged to a long-lost civilisation, were the crafty work of aliens or are simply part of an astounding naturally-occurring wonder. The only fact known is that the archaeological riddle and underwater pyramids still lure thousands of curious divers today. The site is found in a tiny little island that is both remote and difficult to reach, but whatever the origins of this geological phenomenon, long-lost city or alien creation, it is a truly impressive scuba diving site. It’s not for beginners though, as the ruins are subject to strong waves and high currents due to their location in open waters.

Continental Underwater Rift in Iceland – with a strikingly beautiful setting known as the only place in the underwater world where you are able to swim between two continents, the amazing Silfra rift in Iceland is the place where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. This amazing fissure is located at the Thingvellier National Park and the extreme clarity of the waters (thanks to year-round freezing temperatures that oscillate between two to four degrees) allows for truly inspiring scuba diving experiences. Not only are divers able to swim through this huge crack in earth caused by the two plates moving away from each other (averaging a separation of 2 cm per year) but the waters are so clear and pristine that many divers have experienced a heightened sense of depth and even vertigo! The water is so pure in this astonishing location that it can be safely drunk and many divers take the opportunity to do so.

A series of Qinkangkasi is diving sports personality for internal and external

The various models of conquest diving series is called the best rated dive luxury watches in diving wrist watch, this series specifically for men conquer the oceans, and other people who love ocean activities, designed, Conquest is the function of diving watches critical tasks required to meet the specifications of the marine:

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