Scuba Diving A Holiday Idea That Could Turn Into A Life Long Pursuit

So where once you have got the bug should a beginner to scuba diving go?

You might think that as a beginner or basic scuba diver your choices of truly amazing or exotic aquatic experiences are somewhat limited. Not true, indeed even for the beginning Scuba Diver holding an entry-level Scuba certification the world truly is your Ocean – or River, Lake or Stream for that matter.

Some of the most exotic and popular dive sites in the world like Costa Rica, Fiji, Thailand even Australia have sites for beginners as well as the advanced or experienced diver and for the UK resident who cant get that far, there are safe dive locations around our own coasts, the water too being crystal clear in places off the Scottish coast for example. Further away places like Florida and the Florida Keys offer some of the most extensive dive areas and different Scuba Diving environments that are easy enough for beginning divers but diverse enough to return again and again. For example Scuba Diving Magazine rated Islamorada in the Florida Keys the number one dive site for beginners. There you can find many dive sites like the fully protected Alligator Reef Sanctuary, this 25 ft dive is located only 3.5 miles off the coast of Islamorada and is ideal for snorklers and beginner Scuba Divers. Safe and easy and crystal clear, Alligator Reef – don’t worry it’s named for a nearby wreck the USS Alligator not the reptile – is home to the largest variety of fish species in the keys. This is a great beginner dive for fish lovers and underwater photographers alike. There are dozens of other sites throughout Islamorada where even beginner scuba divers can see large pelagic fish like groupers, exotics like blue parrot fish and even have close encounters with a variety of Sharks.

Another amazing experience that can be had in Florida and should not be missed by any diver is to dive with the Manatee in Crystal River Florida. The Manatee or sea cow is a docile and gentle sea mammal that many believed inspired the first tales of mermaids. Crystal River boasts the largest population of Manatee in the world and is the only place where you can snorkel or scuba dive among these gentle giants of the sea.

Jamaica and many other sites throughout the Caribbean are also relatively inexpensive places to experience some truly excellent beginner dive sites. Any and all of the popular and well-known typical tourists sites and island chains such as Curacao, the Turks and Caicos, the Caymans, even the Bahamas offer not only exciting nightlife and lots to do, but also great scuba diving for the beginner. There are some islands however that may not be as familiar sounding to you as the usual fare that are consistently rated as the top destinations specifically for Scuba, and there too, the beginner can experience the best that Scuba Diving has to offer. Bonaire a small island off of the coast of Venezuela in the Dutch Caribbean is generally recognized by Scuba professionals and Dive magazines as one of the top Scuba destinations worldwide. All of Bonaire’s waters have been legally protected since 1979, and as such sports some of the most pristine reefs and diversity of exotic marine life on the planet.

The bottom line is, once you have become a certified Scuba Diver, even as a beginner the possibilities of where you can dive and what you can see are almost as limitless as the open waters themselves.

And of course when you have passed the beginner stage, there are a host of other things like caves or sunken ships to temp you, all of which offer a great way to make that holiday abroad (or in the UK) one to remember..

You see, beyond exploring reefs and other underwater inhabitants of the deep, probably one of the most exciting, interesting and challenging dives for the recreational scuba diver is the Wreck Dive. Wreck diving requires particular skills, and specialty certification is required before taking on the challenges of exploring a sunken ship or other wreck (so this is not for the beginner), but the additional training is well worth it. Underwater wrecks are fascinating not only because of the history and the eerie feeling one gets exploring the decks and corridors of a vessel that once plied the surface, but underwater wrecks become havens for all manner of aquatic flora and fauna. And while you do need an advanced scuba certification to become wreck diver certified, contrary to popular belief, wrecks are not necessarily deep-water dives; in fact there are many popular and interesting wreck dives that take place in relatively shallow waters.

Wrecks are it seems so irresistible to scuba divers, that not all wrecks are ships that met with a tragic fate in open waters, many wrecks being sunk intentionally for scuba divers to explore, or to be part of “artificial reefs” and build up marine habitats. In either case, there is nothing quite like descending through the waters, bubbles trailing off behind you, the sound of your own breath quickening ever so slightly as a hulking shape beneath you begins to take on recognizable form. Suddenly a window, or door, or a gaping hole in the hull appears large enough to swim through, and your adventure begins as you swim back in time. Not all wrecks are ships – plans, trains and even automobiles exist below the surface, in fact my first experience with a wreck was encountering a ’69 VW Beatle during my very first open water dive in a quarry in the UK. Every sport or recreational scuba diver is at heart an explorer and wreck diving feeds the scuba divers desire to be an amateur archaeologist and maybe even a treasure hunter. Wreck divers find many interesting artifacts even on recent wrecks, but be sure to check with the local laws governing salvage and what you can keep and cannot keep regarding found items on a wreck – but even if you cannot keep your “treasures” diver finds contribute to historians and researchers by helping them identify and catalogue ship wrecks.

As you might imagine there are great Wreck Dives all over the world, mankind has left its make all over the ocean floors for centuries. But some of the top rated Wreck Dives are located in the U.S. Recently National Geographic Magazine listed “Wreck Diving off the Coast of Carolina” as one of its Top 10 Water Adventures. In these perilous waters of the Atlantic where Gulf Stream and Artic waters collide, more than 2000 ships have met their fate, making this “Graveyard of the Atlantic” one of the best sites for wreck diving in the world.

But do remember, the very thing that make scuba diving on wrecks interesting and exciting, makes it a much more hazardous environment to the diver then ordinary open water diving. That is why advanced training is necessary to recognize and deal with the potential dangers in a wreck including shards of metal, entanglement hazards due to rigging, nets and lines, disorientation and a lot of metal that can render your compass useless. At the bottom line, the more training you receive the safer diver and better steward of the marine environment you will become.

So do have a good scuba diving holiday, whether it be to try it for the first time, learn, gain more experience, or just have some great fun, and above all do be safe and remember that when your scuba diving your in someone elses natural environment, not your own

Irresistible Scuba Diving Destination In The World

Scuba diving has been one of the irresistible activities for travellers who crave to pump their adrenaline levels. There is no dearth of fine dive destinations in the world and one doesnt have to rush as far as Australias Great Barrier Reef! Many island destinations located relatively much closer offer scintillating scuba diving and snorkeling experience.


Maldives is a true paradise for divers from across the world and a key reason why flights to Maldives remain so popular. Hundreds of islands at Maldives have infinite number of dive sites that feature fantastic multi hued marine life ranging from healthy corals, colourful gorgonians, as well as fishes of many rare varieties. It is even possible to spot the sharks a little away from the shallow reef. The diving and snorkeling experience at Maldives is mind boggling and the dive centres and the resorts here add to the experience with professional instructors and high standard equipments.

Sipadan, Malaysia

Off the North Eastern Malaysian Borneos coast lies this lone volcanic island, now extinct, which is a treasure trove of rich marine life and a perfect haven for divers. Most diving enthusiasts booking tickets to Malaysia do not miss Sipadan. 12 dive sites and an expansive area of shallow waters on the reef make sure that the divers as well as snorkeling buffs have the maximum fun and varied experience. Take a quick plunge at Drop Off or a spectacular brush with the marine life in shallow waters before taking the plunge at South Point. While sighting the enormous schools of Barracuda, green and hawks bill turtles and parrotfish is common, fishes like manta and eagle rays, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks are some of the visitors in Sipadan waters.


The bath warm waters of the Indian Ocean ensure that the coast of Mauritius remains a perfect home for amazing coral reefs supporting myriad of brightly hued marine species ranging from fabulous sessile organisms to smaller and larger fishes. Mauritius is popular for being a perfect destination for exciting tropical holidays. Diving and snorkeling activity may be only two of the many trappings that the country boasts of; however these remain the most significant ones continue. There are a number of possibilities in Mauritius ranging from wreks diving, cave diving, coral and most interestingly Shark diving. Numerous dive centres offer diving courses to the visitors and also provide guided dive tours.

Maria La Gorda, Cuba

Many newbie divers may not have heard of Cubas premiere dive destination but ask a veteran and you will know that Maria La Gorda is amongst worlds best dive destinations. The marine life is unparalleled and ranges from smallest of the flora and fauna member to the largest ones, not ruling out even the sharks. However, the site is preferred mostly by the veteran divers as there is nothing at Maria La Gorda but diving avenues. The only dive centre and the hotel may not match many holidaymakers expectations. However, an extraordinary diving experience here continues to lure divers to look for cheap air tickets to Cuba.

Diving vacations in Maui

Are you aware of where the beautiful island of Maui is situated? Many would guess and they would be right of course as it is one of Hawaiian Islands. Here there are super opportunities to partake in some of the most unforgettable diving holidays around the island. It may well help if we provide you with some useful pieces of information on how you can have scuba diving in Maui. You can partake in several types of underwater activities, such as snorkeling, individual scuba diving or in groups. Plan your underwater adventure with a professional instructor and you gain an ocean of positive experiences and emotions. You join a fully-equipped dive boat and enjoy diving with others during your trip.

Knowledgeable diving instructors and professional crew members will be at your disposal and can help you at anytime you need. Do not be at all worried about your level of experience as diving holidays is a great fun for amateurs as well as sport for professional divers. You also are welcomed to enjoy the friendly price lists available to suit all budgets, where you can vary whatever takes your fancy and suites your purse.

Have you ever experienced diving in caverns and caves? You can and should take the tour with a professional guide and see places you have only ever dreamt about. If however you skill levels are not quite up to that do not despair take heart, you can have just as much fun snorkeling around the coves and pools, and if you are so minded you can engage the professionals to teach you how to join them, by going on one of the many courses available that can give you the certificate you need. When snorkeling, there are a tremendous amount of places and gorgeous coral reefs, exotic underwater living creatures and splendid marine life to investigate. Do not waste your time, if you can`t dive go snorkeling! Ask about a nice snorkeling location, hire a boat and crew with local knowledgeable and have fun!

For those ones wishing to dive but as yet are not certified as we said there are plenty of diving courses available. In classroom you will be informed about all the necessary theory and the details on diving. After that you will go and get some diving practice in a pool with instructor. For safety it is done in exactly this way, carefully and under professional supervision , so that you can understand and be made aware of what is needed. When you are ready for open waters you are allowed to go diving in the sea or and oceans of the world. For more information on this we suggest you navigate the cyber community and find a preferable place for you to partake in the courses you need. Equipment is normally provided by the diving centre and they will of course be ready to advise you of anything you may need during your adventures.

If you go scuba diving Maui, you should plan well in advance. This then alerts you to any unforeseen issues and allows you to avoid any unpleasant situations. One you have your destination sorted grab your passport, flight ticket and off you go. Remember to take camera with you, as it will allow you to take those memories and nice pictures for the tales by the fireside in the long winter months. Have a great adventure!

For Exciting Scuba Diving, Malaysia is an Ideal Destination

Borneo is a sovereign state made up of parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. An island set north of Australia in the South China Sea, Borneo offers miles and miles of coastline from which boats launch daily for some of the world’s best scuba diving. Malaysia is known for lush rain forests and calm, warm waters, giving divers and other tourists a delightful opportunity to enjoy new experiences in this beautiful area.

With so many coastal towns and villages, it is no wonder that scuba diving is such a booming business. Diving in Malaysia is an ultimate goal for many enthusiasts, and dive sites dot the areas around the island. Just a short boat ride away is the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which consists of a series of five islands, around which divers enjoy shallow diving in the calm, safe waters of the South China Sea. Beautiful reefs and fantastic sea life abound to the delight of those who wish to partake.

If you are visiting Malaysia, and have never tried diving before, you will find that this is a great place to try. Diving centers offer dive equipment for beginners and experts alike. Mares, a leader in diving equipment, is stocked widely throughout the island. Of course, these diving centers are not just for shopping. Rent a boat for the day, which will come with a captain and a first mate who know the waters and will take you to the most rewarding dive sites. Rookies can find diving instructors who will first guide them through the scuba shop to ensure they have the right gear; then they will go out with them for instruction and coaching.

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, and diving is a priority for you, consider one or more of the following cities: Sipadan Island, Mabul, Kapalai, Layang Layang, and Lankayan. Each offers outstanding diving opportunities, as well as beautiful surroundings, and comfortable accomodations.

Less than an hour from the mainland of Borneo is Sipadan Island, which, for some, is the ultimate site for diving. Multiple big and small fish populate the waters near the island, as well as sea turtles and sharks. Just a short trip north of this island is Mabul, which offers the finest in macro diving. This form of diving involves the use of a macro lens camera to examine and photograph very small sea life. Kapalai is an island resort near Sipadan Island, which is an ideal site for a vacation, even if you have no interest at all in diving; however, divers will be treated to a show when they observe squid, needlefish, and mandarinfish at home in the waters surrounding the resort.

A dive shop is available on each island and in every town to ensure that you have everything you need for your expedition. If you have never tried this popular sport and pastime before, but are curious about scuba diving, Malaysia is one of the most beautiful and rewarding places in the world that you can try.

Scuba Diving In Australia-a Stunning And Thrilling Experience

One of the most lived and loved activity is scuba diving. It is the most popular water sports because of the mysteries and the adventures involved. Such things like exploring the underwater world, moving with the sharks and swimming with the fishes can be really thrilling and exciting for some.

To enjoy this sport the maximum, one should be skilled or should have had a proper training. Lets Go Adventures gives excellent training for all kind of Dive Courses and takes pride in having the most active dive club in Port Stephens area. It has an extensive range of dive equipment and accessories of the best quality. The best thing about them is their dive travel group. They travel regularly to fantastic oversees diving destinations. The social group is very friendly and is always ready to accompany you on any adventurous trip.

Lets Go adventures main aim and priority is safety of their clients, along with a friendly and fun filled atmosphere. They have highly qualified professionals, who are expert in giving training in snorkeling, freediving, Discovering SCUBA and many other advanced courses. Along with these courses, they give training regarding technical diver programs. Their much dedicated and excellent trainers are always ready for services with a smile on their faces.

They offer dive master services. Exploring the new and stunning local islands with dive crew is a very thrilling experience. Scuba diving with Nelson Bays most experienced dive team and enjoying the stunning and fabulous marine world, is a treat for many. Those who wish to experience their first visit on scuba and are looking for ultimate pleasures can rely on Lets Go Adventures experts and have the joys of life without any fear. Their friendly and caring service will easily lead you through the under waters and provide a deep sense of satisfaction and a smile on your face.

Under the experts, you can always refresh your skills and have a great dive. They train so well that you feel comfortable, confident and safe in the water. The highly trained PADI instructors, polishes your skills through a brief theory and equipment setup session. They try and make their clients comfortable by giving a friendly hand and making the person relaxed by offering tea or coffee after a diving session. They try to give a personal touch and a feel good kind of an atmosphere.

Out of the many services their Guided Shore and boat dives is one very good service. It is a complete safe and secure facility and service. Their other diving courses include underwater photography, night diving, underwater navigation and technical dive courses. Despite giving excellent services and facilities, they charge very nominally. Their courses do not burn a hole in your pocket. It is an adventure or a passion which can easily be enjoyed. Scuba diving in Australia can be memorable, interesting and educative with Lets Go Adventures. To know more just visit the site at

K2 Goodness The Amazing World of Diving & Snorkeling, and Exactly How to Stay Alert!

K2 Goodness: The Beautiful World of Diving & Snorkeling, and How to Stay Alive! Irrespective what your life insurance provider might think Snorkeling is essentially a rather fun and healthy spare time pursuit. Obviously safety begins with training and training, but beyond that the cardinal guideline of dive safety once you have hopped off the boat and become a Snorkeling Diver, is if you will pardon the pun – Don’t Get In Over Your Head. Dont be some sort of imbecile, are familiar with your constraints! you may have 30 minutes to work it out. . .and then your ticket is punched! Of course even prior to getting competent, Dive Safety begins with getting in suitable health – if you have never snorkel dived and really think you may have any health-related condition that could be a problem it is a good idea to have a comprehensive physical when taking a snorkeling class. Then once trained understand the limits of your training. Do not dive under crappy conditions or in dangerous environments that you have not been trained to dive in. Caves, caverns and snorkeling wreck diving all require practical knowledge. It is all too simple to become trapped in one of these places if you do not know what you are doing.

Never, never dive alone – always dive with a buddy and let people know when and where you will be diving and when you are expected to return. If you own your own snorkeling equipment make sure it is checked regularly and well maintained. Protect your snorkel mask from scratches, and keep your snorkel fins from baking in the sun. If you are renting dive gear make sure everything works and fits properly – if something does not seem make sure you tell the Dive Shop or Dive Master if you are on a group dive. Sunscreen is considered to be very extremely important when diving and snorkeling – a large number people do not recognize how easily sunlight penetrates water, especially in some of the most crystal clear clear seas that are ideal for snorkeling. If you are not wearing a snorkeling wetsuit be sure to wear water resistant direct sun light block of at minimum SPF fifteen. Grasp of the weather condition and also the weather forecast where you are snorkeling. Storms can change the diving conditions in certain areas dramatically – and remember water conducts electricity – you are not safe from a lighting strike just by being on the surface while snorkeling. And while it may seem apparently obvious do not snorkel while under the influence of drugs or the happy stuff! Use common sense, live to dive another day! Thanks so much for reading! Avicenna 🙂

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Why Purchase A Discounted Tag Heuer Diving Watch

Thinking about buying a Tag Heuer Diving Watch? You are making the smart choice. Tag Heuer watches are have been used by divers, athletes and celebrities around the world for decades.

Why should you purchase a Tag Heuer Diving Watch

Tag Heuer has become the watch of choice for divers and athletes around the world because their watches are made to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle.

They wont fall apart after only a few months, theyll continue to keep accurate time and best of all because of their timeless style and design they look great for any occasion.

Tag Heuer maintains a close association with the world of competitive sports and enjoys a devoted following among sports celebrities and enthusiasts.

Tag Heuer diving watches are now one of the most recognized and sought-after watch brands in the world by men and women, TAG Heuer continues its reputation of innovative design and technological excellence, creating prestigious timepieces that are always at the cutting edge of precision, reliability and style.

Here are 3 important things to know about Tag Heuer Diving Watches:

* They are Water-resistant to 984 feet (300 M).

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Where can you find Discounted Tag Heuer Diving Watches?

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Tranquil Damai Puri Resort Offers Secret Scuba Diving Sites

Guests staying at the Damai Puri Resort and Spa on the tranquil island of Borneo will find themselves surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery comprising lush mountains and white sandy beaches with a chance to explore the thriving marine life of the sparkling azure waters during their break.

Tourist enjoying scuba diving holidays at the luxury resort will have the chance to discover the underwater delights of numerous secret scuba diving sites where the wrecks of British and Japanese World War II ships lie.

Scuba diving in Malaysia is not yet as popular as many other diving destinations which enable divers to explore uncrowded waters and unspoilt scuba diving sites with an array of colourful coral and thousands of species of fish.

Damai Puri Resort and Spa offers beautiful views of Satang Island, also known as Turtle Island, and guests can take a trip over and watch the green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches between April and October each year. The island boasts pristine white sand beaches and warm waters perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling activities.

The idyllic resort is nestled on Damai Beach, just 30km from Kuching City in Sarawak, Malaysia. With 207 luxury rooms and suites offering private balconies overlooking the China Sea or the lush hills of Mount Santubong, guests will be treated to a tranquil environment during their relaxing break.

The resort has five restaurants offering local and international cuisine in elegant or casual surroundings. Guests can enjoy a la carte menus or al fresco dining with snacks and fresh smoothies by the pool.

The D’Puri Spa Village offers idyllic calming surroundings and a selection of revitalising and relaxing treatments for visitors. Treatments include facials, stone therapy, foot reflexology, manicures, Japanese Shiatsu and Balinese massages using a concoction of fragrant herbal oils and natural ingredients.