Cameron Diaz’s Thrilling Underwater Experience After Almost Being Swallowed By A Fish During Scuba Diving Holidays In Cancun

American actress and daredevil, Cameron Diaz, already known for her wild side and her love of practising extreme water sports recently told Jay Leno during an appearance on his U.S. TV programme The Tonight Show with Jay Leno of her exciting yet dangerous encounter with a grouper that almost swallowed her whole during her scuba diving holidays in Cancun.

According to what she revealed during the TV interview, Cameron Diaz was enjoying some time off in tropical Cancun when she decided to explore Cozumels thriving underwater world and go for a scuba diving experience she would not soon forget.

Recalling her peculiar and rather frightening encounter with a massive grouper she said: I t was probably the size of a Volkswagen Bug (Beetle). And hes down there and he has these big old lips and somebody said, Oh you should pet him.

Im rubbing its lip and Im like, Oh my God, this is amazing! Im looking into its eyes, were having this whole moment and all of a sudden it (inhaled) and I go (flying inside) The only thing that stopped me was literally my neck.” – she excitedly recalled.

With more than half of her body inside the marine creature, she bravely faced him as she awaited her release Im like inside this fish, and Im looking at him, hes looking at me and Im like, Whats gonna happen here? And he (spit me out) and I go flying backwards. And I have, like, a (oxygen) tank on and everything and Im, like, rolling backwards in the water.”

She also went to describe the gigantic size of the grouper, equating it to a “Volkswagen Bug” but nevertheless while the rest of the scuba diving crew was scared she remained calm and in awe of the marine creature. She even described the whole experience of seeing such a big fish in front of her as pleasant and amazing.

Despite the dangerous encounter which some would perhaps describe as terryfing, Cameron seems to have taken it all in her stride as she added at the end of her story: “So that was really good times.

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On a vacation Take scuba diving classes!

Great outdoors are mesmerising and offer something for every person. If you are an adventure sports lover, one thing that you will surely like is scuba diving! Yes, dive excursions in Florida Keys are activities that can liven up the surroundings, bringing appreciation. It does not matter if you want to take it up during a vacation or a regular dive excursion in your area, the thing that matters is the correct water training. This is necessary to ensure your safety and also the safety of the people around you.

What do these classes offer?

If you get an opportunity to take proper lessons, dive excursions in Florida Keys can be an adventure and great hobby which will be fun and rewarding. The fee that a class charges vary from class to class. However, scuba diving is like a skill that you can master and it will be more than a hobby or some vacation activity. The basic dive classes can also be of great help. Do not go for the cheapest scuba diving classes. Select a one which is reliable and certified. There is more to diving excursions than just wearing a wetsuit, going underwater and wanting to have fun.

If you research a bit, you will find many organizations that have diver instructors. Just make sure the instructor is qualified, certified and experienced. If you are planning to go for dive excursions in Florida Keys, see to it that you complete the scuba diving classes beforehand. There are many classes in Florida Keys too which will have you brush up your scuba diving skills on the vacation. They will also brief you about safety precautions, so that you have a fun and safe experience.

Sometimes accidents do not occur because of your fault but, because of poor training. Ignorance and carelessness can land you into trouble too and many a times the end result can be fatal. It would be really good, if you settle for a NAUI certified scuba diving class. These classes usually have certified and well-trained instructors. The scuba dive excursions of Florida Keys, will be fun, if you learn the skills properly. Various instructions are provided in classrooms and one can study the NAUI manual for appearing in a written exam. You will also have water training that will include you wearing a wetsuit and getting into a local pool. You will get to learn about the equipment and practice your initial dives. After that you will enter the open water scuba diving training and will be supervised by a dive instructor.

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Info About Diving Oman, Oman Beaches & Khareef Salalah

Oman is located in the South Eastern tip of Arabian Gulf surrounded by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. It is full of its magical marine life and full of history, culture, mountains, forts, castles, aflaj, deserts, landscapes and beautiful Oman beaches for the best experience of diving Oman along with the coastline covering an area of about 1700 km. Like Dubai, tourism in Oman has also grown considerably in the recent years. People all over the world are very well aware of the fact that Oman
has a beautiful marine life with clean sea water. So they come to Oman to see this natural beauty hidden in Oman beaches. Some of the most active and well known beaches are the main attractions for the tourists include Quram Beach, Bandar Jissah Beach and As-Sawadi Beach. People enjoy bathing on these beaches and make their visit a memorable experience with a lot of adventure and fun. The amazing beaches in Oman provide the visitors all the experiences like swimming, sunning, kite, surfing, diving, snorkeling, boat surfing, beach combing and shell collecting.

The ideal beach activities at Intercon Beach for the visitors are outing, morning walks, evening jogging. Another beach is Yitti Beach where the visitors can reach through hilly terrain and can enjoy fishing a lot. This beach is very popular for overnight camping and diving Oman on the shore and also excellent for snorkeling.

These beaches in Oman also provide diving experiences to the marine lovers. The under water world of Oman is loved by the divers all over the world. The depth of water ranges from six meters to forty meters. The diving becomes more enjoyable when a diver comes in contact with marine creatures like corals and wide range of fish. Here you can have 70% chances to face dolphins on the diving sites. The diving is normally guided, but it also depends on how much experienced you are. The instructors over there provide you with a guideline book that definitely needs to be followed. Normally on the boat, the instructor provides all the briefing before you start diving.Since Oman dive sites are 99% secure; therefore, pair diving is also allowed at Oman beach.

In the long list of enjoyable activities, it is important to mention about Khareef, it means autumn and it is an Arabic term used for the South East monsoon while Salalah is the second largest city in Sultanate of Oman. An annual Khareef festival is celebrated in Salalah to celebrate the monsoon and this has now become an attractive tourism factor. A number of tourist camp out on the north of Salalah during the period of khareef and they also cook various foods there. This Khareef Salalah festival was started in 1952 and it is continued till today to encourage tourism. During the khareef Salalah visit, tourists also visit the Mughsail west of Salalah where they can enjoy swimming. But due to the monsoon season, normally seas are high so a great care is taken while swimming and enjoying Khareef Salalah festival in Oman. One can easily guess through its name that how wonderful it would be to visit there during monsoon season in Salalah.

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Important Facts About Scuba Diving

There are a number of important facts about scuba diving that you need to know. The first one is that you need to have a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. These high pressure tanks that are strapped to the back of the diver, provide air to the diver that is regulated through a breathing device. This lets the diver go very deep in the water without worrying about coming up for oxygen.

Next of the facts about scuba diving is that you need specific diving apparel to protect your body and allow you to swim easily. Such apparel includes wetsuits, gloves, hoods, computer watch, etc. The next fact about scuba diving is that nearly anyone can be certified for scuba diving. More than one million people get certified for scuba diving each year. As long as you can put on a heavy tank filled with compressed and dive down deep, you can become certified. The thing that scares most people away from scuba diving is that breathing through the rubber tube connected to the air tank is the only way to stay alive that deep in the water. People have a fear that something will go wrong, but it is rare that something does.

The next of the facts about scuba diving is that the diver must make a decision on what type of underwater adventure would be preferred. You could dive in warm or cold water, or explore locations of shipwrecks. If you are on a cruise or in other specific instances, you may not have to get certified before going scuba diving. In cruises to the Caribbean, Acapulco, and the Florida Keys, you can get a one day crash course on scuba diving before you go exploring.

If you want to become a serious diver, you will need to know the mental and physical facts about scuba diving before pursuing the sport. Physically, you will need to look at your swimming, breathing, and equalizing abilities. You need to be able to swim well, not only for exploring, but also in case of an emergency where you need to be rescued.

Breathing-wise, you need to be able to breath solely through your mouth. This is one of the most important facts about scuba diving, because otherwise you won’t be able to stay under water. When it comes to equalizing, you need to know how to pop your ears. When you go deep in the water, there is a lot of pressure that builds up in the ears, and so you must pop your ears in order to equalize the pressure. To do this correctly, you will need to consult your scuba instructor or a doctor.

The last of the facts about scuba diving is knowing whether you have any physical conditions that might limit your ability to scuba dive. Such conditions include being overweight, fatigued, having diabetes, heart conditions, or any other ailments, and prone to drowning. It is always a good idea to get a physical done by a doctor before scuba diving.
For information on purchasing scuba diving apparel and equipment or finding scuba diving lessons, start searching online. You are sure to find everything you need.

Grenada Ranked Top Destination For best Advanced Diving And best Wreck Diving In 2012 Scuba Divi

The 2012 Scuba Diving Magazine Awards have highlighted Grenada as one of the best places for scuba diving in the Caribbean as the island nation scooped the top ranking in two categories.

The magazines Readers Choice Awards ranked the island as the number one spot in the Best Advanced Diving and Best Wreck Diving in the Caribbean/ Atlantic categories.

Divers going on scuba diving holidays in Grenada can explore over 50 underwater sites including sunken wrecks and reef walls in crystal clear azure ocean waters. Though divers of all levels can enjoy the sport in Grenadas waters, the region is a Mecca for advanced divers who are seeking more challenging scuba diving adventures.

The destination is home to unpredictable currents, fast moving reef drifts and deep wrecks such as the Caribbeans largest shipwreck, the 600-foot-long former Italian luxury liner, Bianca C, and the newest wreck in the Caribbean, the Hema I.

During scuba diving holidays in Grenada, diving enthusiasts can also take a 90-minute ferry trip fro St Georges to Carriacou and dive beneath the oceans surface to a collection of sunken vessels and pinnacles that are teeming with tropical fish.

Speaking about the awards, Simon Stiell, the Director of Tourism for Grenada, commented: We are deeply gratified that our unique array of reefs, walls and ship wrecks has been recognised by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine.

With 50 dive sites on two islands to choose from, there is always something new and exhilarating to explore.

Situated in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, north-west of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada is a picturesque island nation famously known as the Island of Spice due to its mass production of spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.

The island is one of the most exotic scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean and once visitors have finished scuba diving in Grenada, they can get back on land and enjoy pristine white sand beaches, lush rainforests and delicious traditional cuisine.

The Readers Choice Awards are determined by the thousands of comments and reviews left by Scuba Diving magazine subscribers. Readers rate their scuba diving experiences on a scale of one to five. The results of the 2012 Awards are featured in the January/ February issue of the magazine.

Charms Of Diving In Oman, Forts & Frankincense Land Museum

Oman is a country full of history with a magical land, dessert, landscape, and beautiful beaches stretched over an area of 1700 km. This Sultanate is located on South Eastern side of Arabian Gulf which is surrounded by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Both are prestigious places having attractive marine life in their rich clear water.

Diving Oman

Oman is a unique point of diving travel destination. A tourist visiting in Oman would feel pleased with diving Oman with an eye catching view of corals and plenty of fish. It is also common to see dolphins, turtles and whales off the coast. A quality of marine life with busy diving resorts in the Red Sea is impressive for the tourists. There are various islands comprising of dive sites featuring stunning angel fish, point and black tip snacks, coral formation which takes the divers to a separate world. This underwater world is an adventure land and a piece of heaven that also reveals real life facts within sea water to the scientist. Diving can also be declared as an informative book to the sea world information.

Fahad Island is comprised of 10 dive sites located in Oman near the Al Quran area of Muscat with a diving depth of 10-42 meters. Near Euro Divers Centre is located Bandan Khayran depicting a real wonder of beaches in which an exploring sea world is hidden. These beaches and the underwater world is accessible by boat only. Daymaniyat Island in Oman is a combination of 9 islands resembling an excellent marine life including coral system and unique fish making the experience of diving Oman a wonderful and entertaining for the tourists.

Oman Forts

Due to the fact that Oman is situated on the tip of South East corner of Arabia on the Straits of Hormuz and the India Ocean, a beautiful collection of Forts can be seen over there. These Oman Forts are also the result of historical background of various tribal periods in Oman of the people of which struggled for control of the country.

Jiberen Fort being the most beautiful fort in Oman is an example of its culture. It’s delicate latticework windows, courtyard with shady effects, wooden tables, bright cushions and carpets give an overall feeling of luxurious and showing lifestyle of imam and his family for whom this fort was originally built.

Nizwa Fort

The Nizwa Fort was built in 17th century with the walls of so much of thickness. It, as built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’arubi, is the biggest fort in Arabian Peninsula. The fort was also used for administrative and Judiciary purposes. It has strong design with so many of traditional doors and other cultural specialties.

Apart from these, Oman is full of other forts; some of which are as follows:

Jalali and Mirani Fort
Rustaq Fort
Bahla Fort
Nakhl Fort

Forts and castles are Oman’s most lightened landmarks. Oman covers about 500 Forts on an area of 1700 km. Oman’s history also includes the Frankincense Land Museum which is divided into two sections of brief Omani history describing the following aspects;

Oman’s history and archeological findings
Boats expressing the links of Omani people to the sea world.

El Quseir Scuba Diving And Liveaboards By Maestro Travel

Red Sea Scuba Diving
*Hurghada Scuba Diving and Liveaboards
*El Gouna Scuba Diving and Liveaboards
*Marsa Alam Scuba Diving and Liveaboards
*El Quseir Scuba Diving and Liveaboards
*Sharm El Sheikh Scuba Diving and Liveaboards
*Dahab Scuba Diving and Liveaboards

Marsa Alam Diving Holidays
Scuba diving in Marsa Alam can be performed from shore, or with comfortable boats going out for a day or a half-day trip. Egypt sea diving holiday from Marsa Alam offers an unique array of dive sites in the Red Sea Riviera, from the sea-grass beds of some of its bays, home to the elusive dugong, to the sheer drop offs of Elphinstone Reef, the fabled house of the oceanic white tip shark.

Scuba Diving in Hurghada Red Sea
See the corals and magnificent colorful fish with a chance to swim with dolphins. Learn to dive in Hurghada in a few days or became a certified divers in Hurghada. Enjoy Scuba Diving and the diving Courses in Hurghada Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays
Sharm el-Sheikh has become a favourite spot for Scuba divers from around the world. Being situated near to the Red Sea, it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm water making this an ideal place to dive. Visitors to Sharm el-Sheikh can experience a variety of water and activities. Beach seekers find many activities such as diving, snorkelling, wind surfing, kite surfing, para-sailing, boating, and canoeing

Egypt Airport Transfers
We organise a private airport transfers from & to all Egypt Airports such as Cairo airport, Hurghada, Sharm, Marsa Alam, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria to any destinations in Egypt. We used modern vehicules air conditioned and with professional drivers.

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Best Diving Destinations in Asia

Asia is undoubtedly a tourist paradise. In almost all countries of this continent to experience something new and exciting. The Great Wall of China, the cherry blossoms in Japan, the beautiful beaches of Bali, Asia never no surprise with its natural beauties.

So now we’ve all seen the beautiful tourist destinations on earth, what about taking a look at the wonders under the sea? Since Asia has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it would be impossible not to find any good snorkeling point here, too. Marine biodiversity in the oceans of Asia is so diverse that there are still some species of fish and corals are still waiting to be discovered. The best thing about Asia is that you get to see the experience and sound absolutely great without spending much money, since most of the destinations in Asia are very affordable. Some of the countries with the best dive sites in the world:

1. Thailand

Address Beaches visit to Phuket and Koh Samui can really blow your mind away. The powder white sand and cool blue water is just a beautiful tourist destinations in Thailand. But when it comes to the best dive sites in Thailand, nothing beats the Similans. Similan Islands is more than 25 dive sites with some of the best rock formations and swim throughs.

2. Malaysia

Did you know that the beach with the largest population of turtles in Malaysia is also the site of the country’s first diving? The small island of Sipadan boasts tropical forest and a value of the visit of reeds. The dive sites here are the best in the country is full of marine life including sharks, turtles and manta rays.

3. Indonesia

If you can not get enough of beaches, Divining In Bali, why not take a dip in the reef in Kalimantan, Indonesia? There are several coral reefs off the coast of Kalimantan good, which boasts of several species of manta rays and is also a breeding ground for turtles. There is also a lake jellyfish in the area, divers should never be missed.

4. Philippines

Just like most of the archipelago in the south-east Asia, the Philippines also has some of the best beaches and dive sites throughout Asia. Place of birth diving in the waters of Anilao was humble, so if this is definitely the first place to visit if you want to experience the great diving. Tubbataha Reef is also the ultimate list of the best dive sites in the Philippines and is also comparable to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Asia really amazes visitors with wonderful views both on land and underwater. So on your next trip to Asia; do not forget to include the countries of Southeast Asia from the best dive sites are undoubtedly here.

Divers Travel Guide – Get most wonderful diving vacations, travel spots & trips. Visit best destinations for Divining In Phuket, Divining In Koh Tao, Divining In Bali and Divining In Sipadan.