Benefits Of Diving From A Liveaboard In The Maldives

Maldives liveaboard diving trips are one of the most exciting and memorable diving experiences for any diving enthusiast. Instead of travelling long distances from the hotel to the dive spot and back, liveaboard diving trips provide a diver with all the luxuries of a hotel room on the boat. The boat cruises around different atolls in the island nation, meaning that you never visit the same dive site twice, unless the divers onboard want to. By diving from a liveaboard, scuba divers are able to relax onboard immediately after finishing a dive, instead of wasting a lot of time travelling back and forth to the resort.

Maldives Liveaboard Amenities
Liveaboard safari boats in the Maldives provide the same amenities as most hotels. They have hot water bathrooms, air-conditioned rooms, and helpful crew members who will provide you with every service that you need. At mealtimes, you will enjoy freshly-caught seafood as you watch the sun set from the deck. The liveaboard amenities vary with each ship. The more expensive ships have more luxurious facilities like Jacuzzis and massage facilities, but all the ships are very comfortable.

To see the best range of liveaboards in the Maldives, including the prices and individual amenities, click here.

If you are not a scuba diver, or you feel like taking a day off, you can spend hours relaxing on the tanning deck, sipping on cocktails and take a dip in the clear waters when you get that urge to cool down.

Other Liveaboard Benefits

Aside from the amenities provided on liveaboard safari ships, there are a number of physical and mental benefits to be gained from scuba diving. Scuba diving is a very physical activity during which you exercise every muscle in your body, thus keeping you in tip-top shape. In addition, the very relaxing, calm, and stress-free environment on the boat and under water gives you that peace of mind that youve been looking for.

Prices and Duration of Liveaboard Diving Safaris

Liveaboard diving trips last from 6 to 14 nights and cost approximately USD 200 per night, depending on the boat you choose. The price of your liveaboard holiday includes everything you need while on board, except alcoholic drinks, equipment rental and additional excursions If you compare this price with the cost of staying in any of the Maldives great resorts, you will quickly see that a liveaboard holiday is one of the most accessible ways to explore the Maldives.

Requisites for liveaboard holidays in the Maldives.

Scuba divers interested in exploring the Maldives by liveaboard should have at least their PADI Open Water certification. Also, it is preferable that they have at least 30 logged dives, although this is not always the case. You should discuss your previous diving experience when booking your holiday.

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Hollywood Actress Drew Barrymore Goes Scuba Diving In Alaska For New Film

Drew Barrymore is known for her acting roles in Hollywood blockbusters E.T, 50 First Dates and Charlies Angels, but the actress recently fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams when she filmed her latest film, Big Miracle.

The 36-year-old went scuba diving in Alaska while shooting for the film which tells the story of the rescue of three whales.

I really wanted to scuba dive, Drew explained. I was like Dont let anyone else do this. I wanna do it. So I did go scuba-diving in Alaska and I swam with a bunch of Harbour Seals.

Its so quiet down there; its like Oh, good-bye world. Thank you. But its also really cold.

Alaska is not one of the warmest scuba diving destinations in the world but despite the cold water, Drew took the plunge to fulfil her own underwater ambition.

Speaking about the filming of Big Miracle on the U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, the actress explained what is was like to go scuba diving in Alaska.

“It felt like knives going into my body. It was insane, she said. They told me the temperature was 34 degrees (Fahrenheit) and I was like, ‘That doesn’t sound so bad.’ Then you get in and you’re like, ‘Ouch.’ I’m very bad at pretending or faking things, I really do want to transport myself and sort of believe in whatever scenario I’m in.”

The film is based on the real story of the three California Grey whales that got trapped under five miles of thick ice in 1988 and the efforts of environmentalist Cindy Lowry (played by Drew) who helped rescue the beautiful creatures.

Scuba diving is becoming an increasingly popular sport for people across the world and many actors are getting certified so they can enjoy scuba diving adventures in their films.

Some of the most popular destinations for scuba diving holidays include the Caribbean islands of Bonaire, Turks & Caicos and the Cayman Islands; the Maldives and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean; Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada in Egypt; the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; and the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary in the United States.

Relish Diving Adventures In Koh Lipe During Your Visit

Situated nearby Malaysia, small crescent shaped Koh Lipe, in Thailand is the preferred island destination on the Andaman facing Thailand of many who are in search of a place quieter than Koh Phi Phi but tinier than Koh Lanta. Adventures sports like snorkeling & diving are some of the best activities that it offers.
No motor cars or the earsplitting tuk-tuks dislocate the ideal island environ. Besides being calm and serene, Koh Lipe still has some sorts of island bars and live music during peak season to atatrct visitors.

Beaches in Koh Lipe:

While you take a tour to this tiny island, youll find four major beaches dotted around it and the best feature is that all can be reached by foot within a fifteen minute walk. These beaches are great for kids and families and the water around this islet is typically tranquil & shallow.

Pattaya Beach: This shoreline, with its crystal clear waters & fine white sand, is aligned with bars & restaurants. It is also one of the busiest beaches on the islet & therefore the center of much of nightlife, coupled with straw mats, Thai cuisines & lanterns set out on the seashore by the twilights.

Sunrise Beach: If you wanna explore the longest stretch of sand on the islet, its exciting to visit Sunrise Beach, which is located on the eastern coast. Regardless of developments of accommodation in few couple of years, this shoreline is still arguably one of the most eye-catching shorelines in Thailand.

Sunset Beach: The smaller shoreline on the northwest coast is the quietest place on the islet. One can often explore holiday-making hippies hanging around the bars. There on this beach, one may not find many accommodation options across basic beachside bungalows.

Karma Beach: This coastline is often overlooked by visitors despite its scenic views & snorkeling options. Its stretched along the north coast of the island.

All the beaches offer great diving adventures in Koh Lipe. For some of the excellent diving in Thailand one many hit the adjacent reefs. However diving tours can be easily booked at one of the agencies running here.

Diving around Koh Lipe is simply amazing. Seasoned divers can brave the waves around the eminent Yong Hua shipwreck which is a fish-processing boat sank during 1996. The ruin is a haven for great marine life & extended from 26 to 40 meters in depth.

Getting there:

Several airlines provide their flights from Bangkok many times regularly. From Hat Yai Airport, one can hire a private taxi or minivan to the adjacent railway station in Hat Yai town. Plenty of ferries ranging in speed & price also connect the island with Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Pak Bara on the mainland, Langkawi, Trang and Malaysia.

When to Visit: From mid October to end of April is the peak season in Koh Lipe. Mid season lasts from May to June & Low season lasts from July to October.

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Mantagale Alibuag Dive Resort is the Famous Scuba Diving Destination in the Philippines

Start the year 2009 with a splash of adventure at Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort, one of the most sought after beach and scuba diving resort in Asia and the best Dive Resort in Cagayan de Oro. It is known to be one of the most beautiful beach spot in the country. Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort bears the name of Asia’s best house reef dives in the Philippines and home of coral diversity, gifted with the oceans bountiful fascinating creatures.

Being the most famous scuba diving resort in the Philippines, You can enjoy the eleven diving sites of Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort (MADR) that offers fascinating view of the sea floor which is the habitat of different varieties of coral reefs from brain corals to shallow coral gardens and shrimp corals with schools of fishes of different kinds, pygmy horses and many exquisite sea creatures swimming in these colorful coral beds. You can even witness mandarin fishes mating in the late afternoon!

Aside from the lush fauna, Alibuag Dive Resort also offers comfortable resort accommodations that include full range amenities and rentals of scuba diving gears and equipments to complete your scuba diving experience. You can also enjoy exciting activities like fishing for Trevally or Barracudas, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and Bonito aboard their high powered boats, enjoy a stroll and ocean breeze as you take a cruise through fields of corals and schools of fishes all visible of the glassbottomed boat or burn your excess energy and give your upper body a workout riding on one of the resort’s sturdy sea kayaks and after a long day of adrenalin pumping adventure you can calm yourself and soothe your nerves through the colorful orchids and flowers in the resort’s garden.

Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort is definitely not just a scuba diving resort destination in the Philippines; it is a paradise, a haven of marvelous bio diversity and an evidence of Mother Nature’s abundant wonders.

Consider These Safety Measures When Scuba Diving

SCUBA forms the important acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus but it has now become a fully fledged word in underwater diving, where divers use a scuba set to breathe under water. Scuba diving allows you to explore underwater for a considerably longer period and allows greater freedom for movement. It is safe and exciting as long as you stick to safety guidelines. Proper preparation for diving is a positive start and is essential to become a successful diver. A good mental and physical wellbeing is fundamentally necessary. A medical examination can tell you whether you have any medical complications that put you at risk when diving.

Training with a certified diving school or an instructor will give you the knowledge of diving, techniques, equipment and everything you need to know before going underwater. Pay attention to your instructors briefing and remember the safety precautions. Be familiar with your scuba gear and double check to make sure that they are working properly. Using prescription dive masks, wetsuits, breathing gas and regulators should be second nature to you. Never dive alone and always have a diving buddy no matter the circumstance. It is one of the key scuba diving safety rules. Make sure you understand and respond to your diving partner without communication lags. The breathing gas provided to you for diving helps you breathe normally. It is important to practice your regular breathing during scuba diving as holding your breath can cause serious negative effects. Ascending slowly and with good control into the water is crucial just as much as being in control while surfacing.

Always keep your diving buddy in sight and if you want to explore something, point it to your friend and head towards it together. If you cant see your diving buddy, scan for a minute and ascend to the surface. There are special hand signals used to communicate underwater and learning them and practicing them with your fellow divers is a key safety precaution. Keeping a good eye on your air gauge is the key to calculating your dive further or return. Always make sure you have enough air for your return to the surface. Your prescription dive masks should offer you clear vision and comfort to the eyes as sight is vitally important to keep yourself from danger and to enjoy the beauty of life under water. Keep to the limits of the diving area and the depth given to you.

Beach Cozumel Cheap Hotel Rooms And Plan A A Memorable Diving Excursion Immediately

Book the Proper Cozumel Hotels

For those wanting a memorable Mexican vacation, Cozumel might be the perfect place, since this island has great beaches and lots of friendly locals. It is very important to choose the proper Cozumel hotel in order to enjoy the sights of the island and experience several of the numerous activities it can offer you. Therefore, if you are in love with swimming on these fabulous beaches, you might think about one of the many Cozumel hotels that can offer you an easy access to the beaches. The Villablanca Garden Beach Hotel is situated near Palacio Municipal and offers an outdoor pool as well as a private beach. If you are interested in spa, you can check in at Wyndham Cozumel Resort & Spa, an adult only resort with great services, located at a very short boat ride from the major reefs of the island. This hotel offers great accommodations and access to a private pool and garden and they even have an impressive ocean view.

Top Cozumel Hotels for Singles

Cozumel Island is always a very good destination for long or short vacations even when you are single. There are several Cozumel hotels that are suitable for singles and you should consider book a room there in order to feel comfortable with people of your age. Hotel Cozumel & Resort Beach club is the perfect place to go if you are enthusiastic about scuba, since it offers all the necessary boating arrangements as well as a private pier. The hotel rooms provide a view to the ocean and they are all beautifully decorated in the colours of the sea and sand. At El Cid La Ceiba Hotel singles can enjoy a truly unique diving site and visit one of the largest barrier reefs on Earth. This accommodation facility has been freshly renovated and it thus it features marble soaking tubes as well as beautifully carved wooden headboards.

Cozumel Hotels for Scuba Diving

A diving vacation is the perfect recreation for the entire family and the Island of Cozumel is perhaps the best place in the world you can enjoy this. Cozumel offers its visitors a great variety of places where they could stay, from bed & breakfast to luxurious Cozumel hotels and you can choose your favourite lodging according to your vacation budget and activity preferences. Coral Princess Hotel is a great place where you can book rooms in order to enjoy a perfect diving vacation to Cozumel, offering you clear waters and amazing sunset views. The hotel offers all inclusive packages especially for divers, including here the American breakfast, a room facing the jungle as well as two full diving days with all the taxes and tips included. You can choose to get your own diving hours, but it might get more expensive this way.

How to Get the Best Cozumel Hotel Deals

The island of Cozumel offers its visitors spectacular turquoise waters as well as incredible diving possibilities and thus it is the perfect place for a summer vacation. Getting Cozumel hotel deals is not that difficult, since booking in advance works all the times, regardless of your destination. Make sure you do some research over several Cozumel hotels and book the room with several months in advance in order to secure the best possible fees. It is a very good idea to book all-inclusive Cozumel vacations for you and your family in order to get everything prepared for your trip, comprising here the food and access to several attractions for which youll not need to pay anything more. There are many Cozumel hotels that offer discounts for going to the island off-season, so it might be a very good idea to plan your vacation according to this criterion in order to save a lot of money.