A Frank Discussion About Infant Swimming

When it comes to infant swimming there are two sets of parents on either side of the fence. Some parents don’t believe in allowing their children to swim until they are older and others encourage their infants to swim with them on a regular basis even when they are very young. This article will frankly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of infant swimming so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should introduce infant swimming to your children.

Disadvantages to infant swimming

Despite what parents might think there are actually very few disadvantages to infant swimming. The disadvantages that do exist are there because of the behavior of other parents who keep imagining what might happen. The biggest disadvantage is if you go to a teacher who is inexperienced with babies swimming. Make sure before you apply for any class or purchase any DVD that it is reviewed by a few parents.

The second disadvantage is that your child my get an ear infection. Please note that this is only for children who are prone to ear infections. Millions of children can dunk their heads in the water without getting ear infections. If your child does suffer from ear infections, don’t allow them to dunk their head in the water and they should be able to enjoy swim time as much as other children.

Advantages of infant swimming

The advantages of infant swimming far outweigh the few disadvantages of infant swimming. Research has shown that there are significant developmental advantages when it comes to teaching your infants how to swim. Children who were taught to swim from an early age had an increase in their intelligence, alertness and concentration. The children also developed very good perceptual abilities. When it comes to their physical development, there were vast results seen in that area as well. The babies who were swimming regularly were much healthier and fitter physically. There was also a significant increase in their motor development skills.

The biggest advantage is that babies who proactively take part in infant swimming are actually considered happier babies than those babies who do not swim regularly. They eat better and even sleep better.

Should you let your infant swim?

If you’re still undecided about allowing your child to swim when they are infants don’t be. Infant swimming is a great way to bond with your child and allow them to develop quicker.