Charms Of Diving In Oman, Forts & Frankincense Land Museum

Oman is a country full of history with a magical land, dessert, landscape, and beautiful beaches stretched over an area of 1700 km. This Sultanate is located on South Eastern side of Arabian Gulf which is surrounded by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Both are prestigious places having attractive marine life in their rich clear water.

Diving Oman

Oman is a unique point of diving travel destination. A tourist visiting in Oman would feel pleased with diving Oman with an eye catching view of corals and plenty of fish. It is also common to see dolphins, turtles and whales off the coast. A quality of marine life with busy diving resorts in the Red Sea is impressive for the tourists. There are various islands comprising of dive sites featuring stunning angel fish, point and black tip snacks, coral formation which takes the divers to a separate world. This underwater world is an adventure land and a piece of heaven that also reveals real life facts within sea water to the scientist. Diving can also be declared as an informative book to the sea world information.

Fahad Island is comprised of 10 dive sites located in Oman near the Al Quran area of Muscat with a diving depth of 10-42 meters. Near Euro Divers Centre is located Bandan Khayran depicting a real wonder of beaches in which an exploring sea world is hidden. These beaches and the underwater world is accessible by boat only. Daymaniyat Island in Oman is a combination of 9 islands resembling an excellent marine life including coral system and unique fish making the experience of diving Oman a wonderful and entertaining for the tourists.

Oman Forts

Due to the fact that Oman is situated on the tip of South East corner of Arabia on the Straits of Hormuz and the India Ocean, a beautiful collection of Forts can be seen over there. These Oman Forts are also the result of historical background of various tribal periods in Oman of the people of which struggled for control of the country.

Jiberen Fort being the most beautiful fort in Oman is an example of its culture. It’s delicate latticework windows, courtyard with shady effects, wooden tables, bright cushions and carpets give an overall feeling of luxurious and showing lifestyle of imam and his family for whom this fort was originally built.

Nizwa Fort

The Nizwa Fort was built in 17th century with the walls of so much of thickness. It, as built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’arubi, is the biggest fort in Arabian Peninsula. The fort was also used for administrative and Judiciary purposes. It has strong design with so many of traditional doors and other cultural specialties.

Apart from these, Oman is full of other forts; some of which are as follows:

Jalali and Mirani Fort
Rustaq Fort
Bahla Fort
Nakhl Fort

Forts and castles are Oman’s most lightened landmarks. Oman covers about 500 Forts on an area of 1700 km. Oman’s history also includes the Frankincense Land Museum which is divided into two sections of brief Omani history describing the following aspects;

Oman’s history and archeological findings
Boats expressing the links of Omani people to the sea world.