Dive Away In The Ultimate Scuba Diving Destination – Mauritius

Like an unwritten rule of the travel world, a Mauritius travel package is not complete without a dip in the azure-coloured ocean around it. It is an ever-popular brand of leisure tour package. But, at the centre of Mauritius experiences, lies a scuba diving trip that takes you to the depth of the ocean. Whether you love the markets, nightlife or the historical landmarks, the beaches and water sports in Mauritius have the exquisite beauty and edgy experience that you cannot help but fall in love with. So, dont go on any tour package, but the Mauritius travel package that can dazzle you with the turquoise water, exotic dive sites and truly un-touched land of natural beauty.

The heart of the scuba diving experience revolves around what you discover in the ocean. Mauritius is an exotic destination as it has several diving sites with unique experiences hidden at the bottom of the ocean. On a tour package, what will you like to find, huh?

Silverstar wreck
Bull sharks
The cathedral
The wreck of Sirius and 21other wrecks
Rampart serpent
200 different species of coral reef
430 underwater animals

Select what you will like to see and you can finalize on your favourite scuba diving spots. However, your skill as a diver matters. Even if you want to see the bull sharks, you cannot go for that dive on the south end of the island until you are an advanced diver as the current is extremely strong in that region. So, here are some diving sites:

3 caves in Grand Bay
Aquarium in Grand Bay
Azuma Maru at Trou Aux Biches
Marine Park at Blue Bay; Trou Aux Biches
Coral Garden at Grand Bay
Djabeda Wreck at Round Island and the North Islands
Stella Maru Wreck at Trou Aux Biches
Turtle point at Grand Bay
Water Lily and Emily at Grand Bay

Each site has an enchanting beauty of its own. But, wherever you go for the dive, it is the refreshing and enthralling experience. The dive sites are more than the tropical marine fishes that pass you by and the stealthy wrecks with a tale to share. It is the spectacular view to behold. The natural or the seaside mishaps, the underwater world is enigmatic and enchanting site to behold.