Experience The Joy Of Free-diving In Phuket

One of the most popular Asian tourist destinations is the glamorous island of Phuket. Not only it is the largest island in Thailand, but it is the richest tourist destination of the country as well. Its immense popularity and the stunning natural locales urge thousands of tourists to book cheap Phuket packages from India every year. No matter what your age is, you could always find pleasure in the laps of this breathtaking island. The marvelous white beaches, gorgeous seas, pleasant weather, luxurious spas and parlors, sophisticated villas, scrumptious spread of food, and unlimited shopping opportunities have gained immense popularity for the majestic island. Fun adventures could crave their adventure frenzy by trying out a herd of thrilling water sports.

As a sports enthusiast you must have tried scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing at least once in your life, but have you ever tried free-diving? Phuket is the only places that let you enjoy the pleasures of the astounding free-diving. Have you ever diven underwater and enjoyed the beautiful marine life without the aid of any oxygen mask for somewhat a long pause? Have you ever felt like a real fish in the seas before, who has the freedom of swimming without any burden to carry on its back? Book cheap Phuket packaged from India through internet today, and fly over to the majestic Phuket Island, where you can feel like a mermaid, who is free from any worries of the human world! A couple of training centers consisting of highly trained professionals operate on the island, to teach anyone who is interested in learning the simplicity of underwater free-diving. Free-diving is essentially diving underwater without the support of any oxygen tanks. It includes diving like any other marine creature, the only difference being the marine creatures can easily breathe underwater while human beings need to hold on their breath long enough for a short dive! The rained officials educate the trainees on fining, duck diving, breathing, and safety techniques to ensure they are safe underwater, and enjoy the heavenly feeling of free-diving. The fins that a free-diver is required to wear add to the magical charm of the whole experience. Diving underwater while holding your breath is even pure than yoga, believe me! Its like taking a ride to heaven, where the glittering waters act like twinkling stars, and the marine creatures as your favorite past-time.

If you want to enjoy Phuket in its entirety, and then make sure you try out free-diving under the gorgeous crystal waters at least once. To ensure a hassle-free trip switch on your computer, and book the lucrative deal for 4 nights Bangkok tour package today!