Grenada Ranked Top Destination For best Advanced Diving And best Wreck Diving In 2012 Scuba Divi

The 2012 Scuba Diving Magazine Awards have highlighted Grenada as one of the best places for scuba diving in the Caribbean as the island nation scooped the top ranking in two categories.

The magazines Readers Choice Awards ranked the island as the number one spot in the Best Advanced Diving and Best Wreck Diving in the Caribbean/ Atlantic categories.

Divers going on scuba diving holidays in Grenada can explore over 50 underwater sites including sunken wrecks and reef walls in crystal clear azure ocean waters. Though divers of all levels can enjoy the sport in Grenadas waters, the region is a Mecca for advanced divers who are seeking more challenging scuba diving adventures.

The destination is home to unpredictable currents, fast moving reef drifts and deep wrecks such as the Caribbeans largest shipwreck, the 600-foot-long former Italian luxury liner, Bianca C, and the newest wreck in the Caribbean, the Hema I.

During scuba diving holidays in Grenada, diving enthusiasts can also take a 90-minute ferry trip fro St Georges to Carriacou and dive beneath the oceans surface to a collection of sunken vessels and pinnacles that are teeming with tropical fish.

Speaking about the awards, Simon Stiell, the Director of Tourism for Grenada, commented: We are deeply gratified that our unique array of reefs, walls and ship wrecks has been recognised by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine.

With 50 dive sites on two islands to choose from, there is always something new and exhilarating to explore.

Situated in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, north-west of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada is a picturesque island nation famously known as the Island of Spice due to its mass production of spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.

The island is one of the most exotic scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean and once visitors have finished scuba diving in Grenada, they can get back on land and enjoy pristine white sand beaches, lush rainforests and delicious traditional cuisine.

The Readers Choice Awards are determined by the thousands of comments and reviews left by Scuba Diving magazine subscribers. Readers rate their scuba diving experiences on a scale of one to five. The results of the 2012 Awards are featured in the January/ February issue of the magazine.