Info About Diving Oman, Oman Beaches & Khareef Salalah

Oman is located in the South Eastern tip of Arabian Gulf surrounded by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. It is full of its magical marine life and full of history, culture, mountains, forts, castles, aflaj, deserts, landscapes and beautiful Oman beaches for the best experience of diving Oman along with the coastline covering an area of about 1700 km. Like Dubai, tourism in Oman has also grown considerably in the recent years. People all over the world are very well aware of the fact that Oman
has a beautiful marine life with clean sea water. So they come to Oman to see this natural beauty hidden in Oman beaches. Some of the most active and well known beaches are the main attractions for the tourists include Quram Beach, Bandar Jissah Beach and As-Sawadi Beach. People enjoy bathing on these beaches and make their visit a memorable experience with a lot of adventure and fun. The amazing beaches in Oman provide the visitors all the experiences like swimming, sunning, kite, surfing, diving, snorkeling, boat surfing, beach combing and shell collecting.

The ideal beach activities at Intercon Beach for the visitors are outing, morning walks, evening jogging. Another beach is Yitti Beach where the visitors can reach through hilly terrain and can enjoy fishing a lot. This beach is very popular for overnight camping and diving Oman on the shore and also excellent for snorkeling.

These beaches in Oman also provide diving experiences to the marine lovers. The under water world of Oman is loved by the divers all over the world. The depth of water ranges from six meters to forty meters. The diving becomes more enjoyable when a diver comes in contact with marine creatures like corals and wide range of fish. Here you can have 70% chances to face dolphins on the diving sites. The diving is normally guided, but it also depends on how much experienced you are. The instructors over there provide you with a guideline book that definitely needs to be followed. Normally on the boat, the instructor provides all the briefing before you start diving.Since Oman dive sites are 99% secure; therefore, pair diving is also allowed at Oman beach.

In the long list of enjoyable activities, it is important to mention about Khareef, it means autumn and it is an Arabic term used for the South East monsoon while Salalah is the second largest city in Sultanate of Oman. An annual Khareef festival is celebrated in Salalah to celebrate the monsoon and this has now become an attractive tourism factor. A number of tourist camp out on the north of Salalah during the period of khareef and they also cook various foods there. This Khareef Salalah festival was started in 1952 and it is continued till today to encourage tourism. During the khareef Salalah visit, tourists also visit the Mughsail west of Salalah where they can enjoy swimming. But due to the monsoon season, normally seas are high so a great care is taken while swimming and enjoying Khareef Salalah festival in Oman. One can easily guess through its name that how wonderful it would be to visit there during monsoon season in Salalah.