K2 Goodness The Fantastic Whole Wide World of Diving & Snorkeling, and Just How to Stay Live!

K2 Goodness: The Excellent World of Diving & Snorkeling, and How to Stay Well!

Irrespective what your life insurance company may think Snorkel diving is actually really a rather stimulating and also safe spare time pursuit. Patently your safety starts with practise and training, but beyond that the cardinal rule of dive safety as soon as you have actually jumped off the boat and become a Snorkeling Diver, is if you will excuse the pun – Don’t Get In Over Your Head.

Do not be an idiot, are familiar with your own limitations! you may have 25 minutes to work it out. . .and after that your ticket is punched!

Naturally even prior to getting competent, Dive Safety begins with being in good health – if you have never snorkel dived and really think you may have any health-related condition that could be a problem it is a good idea to have a comprehensive physical in front of participating in a snorkeling class.

Then once knowledgeable understand the limits of your training. Do not dive under crappy conditions or in dangerous environments that you have not been trained to dive in.

Caves, caverns and snorkel diving wreck diving all deserve specialized qualifications. It is all too simple to become trapped in one of these spaces if you do not know what you are doing.

Ever If you own your own snorkeling equipment, make sure it is checked regularly and well maintained. Protect your snorkel maskcf3 cf1 from scratches, and keep your snorkel fins from baking in the sun. If you are renting dive gear make sure everything works and fits properly – if something does not seem make sure you tell the Dive Shop or Dive Master if you are on a group dive.

Sunscreen is extremely extremely important when diving and snorkeling – a large number travelers do not recognize exactly how easily sunlight penetrates water, especially in some of the most amazingly clear seas that are ideal for snorkeling. If you are not wearing a snorkeling wetsuit be sure to wear water-proof sun block of at minimum SPF 18.

Be aware of the weather condition and also the environment forecast where you are snorkeling. Storms can change the diving conditions in certain areas unexpectably – and remember water conducts electricity – you are not safe from a lighting strike just by being on the surface while snorkel diving. And while it may seem apparently obvious do not snorkel while under the influence of drugs or the happy stuff!

Use common sense, live to dive another day!

Thanks so much for reading!

Amy 🙂