Octopus Diving Centre, a fine scuba diving club

The idyllic Seychelles is a nation consisting of an archipelago of many small islands in the vast reaches of the Indian Ocean. Located about 1,500 km to the east of Africa, the islands’ very seclusion has made them a recognized tourist destination. Promising intimacy and a tranquil environment, the Seychelles attracts discerning holidaymakers from across the globe. >

Of the several water activities that may be enjoyed in the Seychelles, a special place goes to scuba diving. The amazing underwater sights that may be enjoyed include picturesque reefs, underwater pinnacles, walls, drop offs, canyons and wrecks. This mesmeric marine environment filled with coral varieties and various kinds of fish is considered to be amongst the most attractive of such settings in the world. The environs of the Seychelles are particularly noted for the presence of magnificent whale sharks which are abundantly found in the nearby waters.

The renowned Octopus Diver diving centre is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts from across the globe. Octopus Diver has been acclaimed as one of the world’s finest 100 scuba clubs by the German publication -Unterwasser’. The club is committed to providing world-class standards of security and service; however Octopus Diver also exudes a discernible friendliness and warmth making it a delightful place to relax and unwind.

Scuba divers from around the globe congregate at the club to meet and share their diving experiences with each other. After your scuba session, you may discuss your impressions with like-minded acquaintances in this well designed setting located by the seaside. The expansive leisure lounge displays the finest underwater videos and photography. There is no better place for divers to spend their leisure time than with a cup of coffee or tea at Octopus Diver.

The club boasts highly qualified and experienced instructors, and organizes long range, night time and double tank diving sessions. It possesses two powerful speedboats of which each accommodates up to 11 divers at a time. The centre uses modern equipment which assures reliable performance.

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