Scuba Diving Gloves & Scuba Diving Shoes Most Forgotten Parts When Investing In Scuba Gear!

Everyone knows that keeping warm involves covering your head, hands, and feet. But while diving staying warm is not the only reason for covering beyond your wetsuit, it is also for protection from coral, reef edges, and sea creatures that might get to close. Another aspect to maintaining your body temperature is because if you get too cold and start shivering, you then start eating through your air a lot quicker. Your stamina will drop and you will remember the dive as a bad, short dive rather than another amusing experience.
Water draws heat away from your body 25 x faster than air does. Many people do not realize that just about 50% of a person’s heat decline occurs right out of the top of your head. Covering your head with a scuba hood will increase warmth and comfort and extend your activities a great deal. Even in warm water, you may not need a head cover for the first two days of a trip, but on following days, the water appears colder because you have lost core heat. Comparable to air temperature, water temperatures throughout the world are different in winter than they are in summer. Women tend to get colder easier than men. This is basically because women tend to have more surface area (curvature) then men do. If a couple is traveling together it will almost always make more sense for the woman to have a warmer scuba hood than a man would to the same destination at the same time of year.
Scuba Diving Hoods:

Scuba Dive Hoods come in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Any size to fit the head and 1mm to 7mm of thickness depending on water temperature. If in doubt, always buy a hood slightly warmer than your needs. You can always remove a head cover, but if you are cold during a dive there is not much you can do except stop diving. Scuba Diving Hoods should be well fitting and not allow a lot of water to flush through them. Water flushing through them means they are not doing their job.
Scuba Diving Boots:

Scuba boots can make your fins more comfortable by providing a better fit, and they can make your dives more comfortable by providing warmth. They can make your surface interval more comfortable by providing more traction for walking around a slippery boat, walking on the rocks from snorkeling, and hiking to the secret dive spots.
75- 85 3mm scuba diving boots or 45-65 5mm to 7mm scuba diving bootsor just simple Reef Shoes. These are boots that are made just for surfing, swimming, or watercraft and other action sport activities. Most of them have additional grip pads for aerial maneuvers and traction and also have thin soles for increased sensitivity and balance. Many of them also have additional ankle and shin straps for increased stability and warmth.
Scuba Diving Gloves:

Cold Water Scuba Diving Gloves
3mm scuba diving gloves are for water 35 to 70 Degrees. They are rugged and warm and range up to 7 MM scuba diving gloves. The thicker they are, the warmer they are. These gloves quite often have a lining on the palm that serves to protect your hands and the material itself. These gloves will keep your fingers and hands safe and warm in cooler water and over multiple dives in a short period of time.
Warm Water Diving Gloves
2mm scuba diving gloves are designed for scuba diving in water 70 to 85+ degrees. They are rugged and thin (Maximum 2MM thick). The palms are usually reinforced with rubberized liner for grip and durability.
Swim Gloves

These are Surf gloves designed for speed and grip. Swim gloves or also know as swim fins, are usually webbed between the fingers for increased speed and resistance. They are usually thin for dexterity and comfort. Surf gloves also know as tropical gloves, come in wide arrangement of thicknesses for different water climates. They have a palm rubber gripping areas to help with paddling and popping upright on the board. Many gloves also have webbed fingers for increased speed to catch rapidly moving waves.
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